Introducing Koala, the Modern Backpack Made for Backpackers

Anyone who has even dabbled in backpacking knows just how important having a well-made backpack is. Today Aurelia von Allmen is here to provide just that with a product named Koala.

Backpacking is a lovely activity composed out of a medley of passions. Backpackers explore the world through hiking, photography, and even the cultures that they experience through staying in foreign land. All of this comes together to make a beautiful activity that is one of the ultimate outdoorsman experiences. However, the natural beauty of backpacking is all-too-often interrupted by equipment failure, air travel headaches, and other unnecessary inconveniences. As a result, it can be hard for any backpacker, whether an amateur or veteran, to experience a low-stress backpacking trip that is exclusively focused on backpacking rather than logistic nightmares. Today a backpack named Koala by Aurelia von Allmen is here to eliminate some of these unwanted obstacles through intelligent design, a revolutionary material, and other innovations.


The namesake feature of the Koala backpack is its system of balance. By having a small, accessible sack that rests in front of the backpacker, a large container can be counterbalanced on the back of the backpacker. This system of balance was modeled after the way a baby koala hangs from its mother, and it is surprisingly effective in allowing the backpacker to carry larger loads. As an added benefit, the small ‘baby Koala’ bag is easily accessible as it rests on the backpacker’s stomach, making it the perfect place for snacks, cell phones, maps, and other essentials.


On the other hand, the big bag can hold up to sixty pounds with to an extendable compartment that can be collapsed to allow Koala to fit airline carry-on requirements. This big bag has three main compartments, all of which can be locked with just two luggage locks, providing a layer of safety.

As for the physical construction of Koala. The backpack is made primarily of a material known as Blue Cordura®, this fabric is a matte blue in normal conditions but becomes reflective when light shines on it in the dark. This makes Koala extremely reflective while maintaining a clean look. As a result, the Koala backpack provides safety as a reflector and keeps a low-profile with a clean look, avoiding theft.

Sadly, making a backpack as intricately designed as this one is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the Koala team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, those interested can pre-order a Koala backpack at a discount and support the creation of a fantastic backpacker’s backpack. Through this support, the Koala team aims to make backpacking everywhere easier and safer for all.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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