Luxion Media holds the key to Wealthy Chinese Millennials in Australia

In 2017, the lucrative Chinese market is no longer a secret, in fact quite the opposite. Every brand, in every industry is trying to get a piece of this booming opportunity.

Whilst a lot of brands are looking at huge market in China, Luxion Media ( has been helping many of the biggest brands in Australia target the million or so Chinese living, studying, working and touring Australia.

“We have worked with all kinds of brands across all industries, from fashion, to tourism, to sports. Almost any business can now benefit from more Chinese customers,” explain Luxion Media director William Chen.

Luxury is a particularly lucrative area. “When working with Luxury Brands in Australia, often 20% to as high as 60% of their clients are already Chinese, this presents a huge opportunity and need for these brands to actively engage and increase their presence amongst wealthy Chinese audience in Australia”

One of the innovative ways Luxion Media have helped these luxury brands achieve success is through a Chinese Luxury Car Club called Zoomspeed (

Zoomspeed started in 2013 with about 20 passionate Chinese BMW owners and has since grown to over 600 members, owning a total of more than $50 million worth of cars, ranging from high end Mercedes, BMW to supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.


“Although our passion for cars brings us together, our group is much more than just about cars. A lot of our members are entrepreneurs and business leaders, and there is often a lot of business networking and deals being done through the group” says Zoomspeed founder and Luxion Media co-founder Will Yuan.

However, the opportunity from this group extends beyond just the members. Over the last 2 years, through Luxion Media, Zoomspeed has worked with some of Australia’s top luxury brands and have achieved amazing success through a combination of it’s influential and affluent members, as well as Chinese marketing campaign.

“We invited several of our members to an exclusive Maserati drive day experience, by putting them in the cars and letting them experience the power and beauty of the Maserati cars, everyone simply fell in love with the cars. In fact someone from the day actually bought a Maserati! Not a bad return on investment!” recalls William.

“The opportunity from the group isn’t limited to automotive brands either, being young and affluent, with huge spending power, they enjoy an extravagant life, which presents extraordinary opportunities for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and leisure brands.”

“This Chinese influencer group acts as bit of a catalyst for a lot of our Chinese marketing campaigns ( We often start with an event, but through this event, we can create a lot of amazing content from photos to videos, which we can then use to fuel additional marketing campaigns through Chinese social media channels and WeChat marketing (”

Luxury brands have had a honeymoon period of sorts over the last 5-10 years. Many brands were able to achieve great success in China on their brand name along, however the Chinese luxury has well and truly shifted, luxury buyers are much more savvy, and are no longer buying on brand name alone. Luxury Brands need to step up their marketing game and find new and innovative ways to cut through the competition.

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