Paddle Partner App, “The Mobile Map”, For Kayakers And Campers Comes Out With Exciting Updates To Include Delaware Water Gap As A Destination Trail.

Version 1.4 for iOS app is set to release this Spring 2017. New updates leverage online and offline [WiFi- free] navigation enhancing user experience.

HICKSVILLE, NY – 2 May, 2017 – Paddle Partner had a grand vision for Campers, Canoers and Kayakers alike. This vision included the use of technology for navigation on the water. Just like we currently have on land, Paddle Partner mission was to create a user-friendly, innovative experience for Paddle Sport Enthusiasts via mobile-device data to track destination trails so that users can navigate the water freely and safely without needing an Internet connection. Imagine navigating a river trail without a using an old paper map and without connecting to WiFi!

Currently, users have been trusting paper maps to get them along their kayaking and canoeing journey on major park river trails like the Delaware Water Gap. Paddle Partner saw a need to capitalize on the lack of technology available to enthusiasts and decided to create a solution to this very problem.   

Users can enlist ‘The Mobile Map’s’ help to plan trips ahead of time or in real-time without needing to be online.  In addition to the Delaware Water Gap, users can also navigate destination trails like the Everglades National Park, the Big Bend Salt Water Paddling Trail, St. Corix River, Ten Thousand Islands area and the Namekagon River. They have the ability to measure their distance to and from their desired locations, find out their average and maximum paddling speed on the water, see all campsite locations on the desired paddle trail and access other specific trip statistics.

Paddle Partner has said, “There is no reason to use paper maps anymore. This is ancient and it’s high-time we keep up with the technology. In fact, we needed to stay ahead of the curve and that’s when we came up with the idea of offline navigation. We can map any destination anytime, anywhere.

We knew this is exactly kayakers and campers wanted while on their trail.” They also mentioned, “If Google maps and WAZE can get us to our destination on land, why can’t our Paddle Partner app get our kayakers to their campsites on the water?” Finally, Paddle Partner stated “If your looking for a Delaware Water Gap Map because Delaware Water Gap Camping is something you love to do,or you love paddling any other of our supported paddling trails, Then the Paddle Partner App is for you.”

Version 1.4 for iOs expects its updates to be releasex in Spring 2017. Paddle Partner Inc. additionally expects to launch the next upgrade to include the Android version.

To find out more about the destinations, the specific features and the future updates, please visit the website at


Paddle Partner App is “The Mobile Map” for canoe and kayak enthusiasts wanting real-time online and offline navigation and preparation maps for river trips.

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