As LinkedIn Hits Major Milestone, Grammar Chic, Inc., Heralds Importance of Profile Optimization

LinkedIn has surpassed half a billion total users—making a well-optimized profile more critical than ever. Grammar Chic, Inc. explains why.

Long established as the most significant of all professional networking sites, LinkedIn has recently hit a major milestone. According to a recent article from Fortune, the popular career platform has surpassed 500 million total users. Grammar Chic, Inc. has released a new statement to the press, commenting on this significant event.

“Half a billion people now use LinkedIn, including individuals from more than 200 countries,” says Amanda E. Clark, Grammar Chic’s Chief Executive Officer. “That’s to say nothing of 10 million active job posts and information on more than 9 million companies. This is simply an unprecedented and unparalleled compendium of career opportunities—and the people best positioned to claim those opportunities are the ones who have well-optimized profiles.”

Clark goes on to note that, with LinkedIn growing so rapidly, it’s becoming harder and harder for individuals to stand out. “The way to do it, though, isn’t to do something crazy or weird, but rather to follow the agreed-upon LinkedIn profile practices immaculately well,” she says. “Consider it to be your own personal marketing collateral, and use it to state your value proposition as clearly and as compellingly as possible.”

In many ways, creating a solid LinkedIn profile is a lot like creating a strong resume. “You have to include the right keywords that correspond to your industry, and you have to provide a career history that is punchy and powerful,” Clark says. “But while resumes can be tailored to meet each specific job opening, a LinkedIn profile needs to be high-level and comprehensive while still speaking to specifics—a hard balance to achieve.”

Ultimately, as LinkedIn grows, having a standout profile will become harder—but no less essential. That’s why Clark recommends hiring a team like Grammar Chic.

“We work closely with jobseekers to help them transform their LinkedIn profiles—to make them truly memorable and impactful,” she says. “Ultimately, we know how to help our clients turn LinkedIn into a gateway for opportunity.”

Grammar Chic, Inc. boasts a full-service resume writing team, in which job seekers can work with professional resume consultants to craft resumes and cover letters where their experience is presented in a comprehensive and complete manner.

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