Sprachschule Nihao Announces Chinese Language Course for People in Switzerland to Learn Chinese with Right Method

The Chinese language school offers language courses in Zurich area in small Chinese learning groups so that people can learn Chinese easily with the right method.

Many foreigners believe that Chinese is a difficult language to learn. However, Sprachschule Nihao offers easy to understand and interesting Chinese learning course in Zurich that is designed for non-Chinese or European people with the right method and didactically developed learning material.

According to the spokesperson of the institution, they have designed the Chinese language course that allows students to reach the proficiency of HSK level 1 in 15 hours.  After the completion of the course, one can speak Chinese in simple sentences and with such language understanding, one can easily travel different parts of China. Whether someone is willing to visit China for business or for other purposes, the course will educate them to communicate with the native Chinese people with ease and without any difficulty.

Sprachschule Nihao Announces Chinese Language Course for People in Switzerland to Learn Chinese with Right Method

The spokesperson reveals that they have classroom Chinese learning programs and also offer Chinese teaching at home, office or other locations, such as a library. One can learn Chinese in a small Chinese learning group, where the student will get an individual attention from the teacher. Sprachschule Nihao have qualified teachers who have decades of experience in teaching Chinese to students, especially Europeans and foreigners. The teachers can visit an individual student or a group in locations nearby Zurich, such as Uster, Baar, Zug etc. They offer flexible timings for students to attend classes and learn Chinese at their own pace.

Besides classroom teaching and group learning, Sprachschule Nihao also offers video learning course for people who want to learn Chinese online. The teachers of learn Chinese Zurich institute have designed interactive videos that allow students to learn Chinese from the very beginning. One can take help of these videos to develop their Chinese language skills in their free time. Designed with practice tests and clear explanations, these videos allow students to gain the desired language proficiency with which one can easily talk in simple Chinese.

To learn more about different types of Chinese learning programs that the Institute in Zurich offers, one can visit their website http://www.sprachschule-nihao.ch

About Sprachschule Nihao

Sprachschule Nihao offers Chinesisch sprachkurs in Zurich, Zug, Uster, and Luzern areas.  They allow people to learn Chinese with an experienced teacher to help save time and energy. The classes are conducted in small groups in their school and also at the client’s locations.  They now have included interactive videos for people to learn Chinese online. 

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