Industrial Tools Manufacturer Showcases Grinder, Trencher Wear Parts

China – 2 May, 2017 – Chinese machinery manufacturing giant JYF MACHINERY concentrates on the production and distribution of grinder wear parts, auger teeth, trencher teeth, and stump grinder parts known for superior deterioration-resistant properties. 

JYF MACHINERY clients worldwide attest to the fact that the company’s products are more effective than other competitors in the industry. In fact, continuous use of these accessories increased use time by one-fourth to one-third percent. 

The grinder wear parts contain Tungsten Carbide particles. The double grain composition of Tungsten Carbide is more durable compared to standard coarse grain cemented carbide. This fine gray powder (chemical compound) contains equal portions of tungsten and carbon atoms. It has maximum solidity of 90 to 93 HRA (Rockwell Scale) and highest impact robustness of over 2, 800 MPA. 

This is considered an improvement in performance of between 25% and 33% which implies clients spend less for grinder wear parts because of longer-operating time of JYF MACHINERY. 

The surface is impervious to wear and tear due to the custom-built CR-W finish with maximum rigidity of 60 up to 65 HRC. Said welding stick features extreme abrasion performance and resistance against impact. 

The steel body of JYF MACHINERY grinder wear parts is built with special corrosion-resistant alloy that boasts of extraordinary toughness capable of enduring tremendous impact after the tempering process. The low-temperature heat treatment technique is made following the course of hardening so the preferred hardness-toughness ration is achieved. These features safeguard and prolong the life cycle of grinder wear parts. 

JYF MACHINERY horizontal grinder components are used to pulverize tree stumps, wood barks, clipped or trimmed branches, waste wood and other biomass in the eco-system caused by massive clearing of forests. This addresses the issues of recycling reprocessing residential as well as industrial waste materials. Grinding is useful to recycling and minimizes processing expenditures. 

Trencher teeth are made from Tungsten Carbide with high strength, durability and resistance against deterioration. The trencher is a type of equipment used for construction to excavate trenches particularly for pipe and cable installation; installing drainage systems, and preparation for warfare. 

The steel surface is formed by special alloy that resists oxidation and extends the lifespan of the Trencher teeth. Welding techniques were brought from as far as Northern Europe thereby allowing the merging together of alloy and alloy composition in metal bodies to achieve extreme welding potency.

About the Company 

JYF MACHINERY maintains grinder wear parts factories. Clients can purchase these along with an assortment of products that include forestry mulcher teeth holders; rotary milling tools; welding bars; flat teeth; trencher wear parts; trencher teeth; mining cutting tools; grinder hammers; and many others at wholesale prices. The company uses only high-quality cemented carbide for efficient cutting performance. 

JYF MACHINERY supplies trencher wear components along with a wide range of tools and tooling configurations for the mining sector.

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