Frenchie Recovery Girl Launches Vegan Love Apparel, a Vegan Clothing Brand With Only One Claim

Portland, OR – May 02, 2017 – Vegan Love Apparel was born based on the growing idea that everyone could wear clothes that represent them, a fashion brand that aims to not hurt animals and respect the environment as well. The creator of the brand wanted it to be comfortable, affordable and most important, to deliver the vegan message and to share the vegan attitude with a community that have the same beliefs and values.

With soft fiber and eco-responsible components, the products are designed and createdby a vegan girl for vegan people that wish to to embrace their lifestyle and spread the vegan love around them.

VLA’s creator is a “frenchie” student who moved from France to Portland to study fashion. She is a vegan for a 1.5 years and is committed to make strong changes in her life. 

Mathilde has faced some eating disorders during the adolescence, which affected her health and seriously wounded her. She came a long way to recover and is now convinced that going vegan made her healthier and helped her to find peace by participating to make the world a better place. The vegan journey is a learning curve since veganism exists for more than 50 years but is often misjudged by people who consider it as a “trendy new concept”. 

VLA’s main goal was also to gather vegan and non-vegan that may share respect regarding the animals and who are trying to make small changes at a time: alternatives products in the cosmetics industry, getting rid of leather, trying meat substitutes… etc.

As part of her objectives to provide new alternatives on the clothing market for vegan community, she is proud to introduce a collection that also shows the power of the veganism. Today, there are so many possibilities that one couldn’t even think of.

Brand’s owner looks forward to see it grow bigger and bigger, both on social media where they are strongly active and by adding qualitative content on the V-Blog. 

They are beyond excited to launch this website because we believe in its success. This is the result of hard work, commitment and passion and I we can’t wait for you to discover all about it.

For more information about the apparel collection, please check the website:

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Media Contact
Company Name: Vegan Love Apparel
Contact Person: Mathilde Gérard
Phone: 0607803027
Address:5000 N Willamette Blvd
City: Portland
State: OR 97203
Country: United States