Baltimore local jewelry store introduces a new set of jewelry made out of DNA from breast milk

Baltimore/Perry Hall Local business owner produces jewelry and soaps made for nursing mothers

Perry Hall, MD – There is joy, there are pains, headaches, sleepless nights and many other beautiful moments and cases that accompany the breastfeeding period in a woman’s life. The memories left behind stay for generations throughout her life, even after she beholds menopause.

The fact remains that breastfeeding on its own is a natural art form and skill that thankfully has resurfaced in recent times due to proper education and much research on the benefits of breastfeeding, from baby’s nutrition to social development.

But who has ever thought of merging breastfeeding and all related to it, and coming up with jewelry that speak the memory of mothers during that time of their lives? Well, a Perry Hall mom Rachel Lé Char, has been living her life and running a successful business producing jewelry that carry these moments.

One would say “running a jewelry business is something anybody can do.” This is not the same in this case. Rachel does not produce ordinary jewels. The shocking truth is that she produces jewelry out of human milk! Is that really possible? Of course. This idea came up as a result of her love for the natural world and a desire to spread the joy of breastfeeding among nursing mothers. These were her exact statements “thinking about starting my own line kept me busy and up late at night. I knew I wanted to use organic material, because I love the natural world. Little did I know that once my baby was born that I would transition to the use of breast milk.”

Rachel sees breast milk as having self-sustaining properties that keep it from spoiling easily so she does not encourage mothers who send drops of breast milk from making use of icepacks when sending through mail. She then takes these drops of breast milk and turns them into beautiful stones useful for making jewelry.

The stones have unique texture and colors they take from the breast milk which the mother provides. This means no stone ever produces the same color. This could mean one thing “uniqueness.” It’s a perfect gift for any breastfeeding mother. The breast milk jewelry comes in several kinds, ranging from earrings to necklaces, and assorted kinds.

Well, that’s not all. She also makes jewelry from placenta or baby’s lock of hair, or a combo of these. As interesting as it sounds, she makes soaps from the breast milk of nursing mothers too. All these can be found in her store Precious Mammaries. Also, for individuals who lost a loved one, they could store their ashes in jewelries made by Rachel.

The beauty of wearing jewelry can be expressed now with these DNA keepsakes made from the precious breast milk of nursing mothers. What more can speak moments in the life of any mother more than these jewels can made from their own liquid gold?

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Company Name: Precious Mammaries
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