Dr. Sonu Balhara Ahlawat, In Vitro Fertilization Specialist, launches her new Internet Presence

Dr. Sonu Balhara, an IVF, IUI, Artificial Insemination and Infertility specialist in Delhi, India, launched her new digital presence in the month of April 2017, to offer better accessibility on the web.

This is backed by her commitment to give her best to the couples seeking IVF treatment. It was her decision to provide easy access to the couples. Dr.Sonu Balhara’s restructured website (www.drsonubalhara.in) is not only technologically upgraded but more user friendly, easier to navigate and highly informative.  

A dedicated team of social media management specialists will handle various social media platforms to maintain her connectivity with her patients as well as others seeking the treatment. It is Dr. Sonu’s effort to acquaint people with all current news and technological advancements in field of In Vitro Fertilization. People can expect to receive quick response as she has a very proactive working environment.

It is her dedication towards her patients and her understanding of the need of various couples who seek solution for their issue, which has prompted her to attain as much knowledge as she can about every latest technique introduced in the field.

It is Dr. Sonu’s belief that for any kind of treatment, faith, hope, a good understanding and a healthy relationship between a patient and the doctor is imperative. Hope gives strength to invest in resources and faith gives the courage to never give up. The comfort with the whole medical team makes it easy to go through any treatment procedure peacefully and remove all the related doubts.

Parenting is one of the most special natural human instincts. The technological advances in the process of In Vitro fertilization (IVF) now offer hope for couples with fertility problems to have their biological children. The length of the process and the risks associated make it essential for any individual to completely understand the process. Also, it becomes indispensable to know the pros and cons of the IVF treatment.

As an IVF doctor, Dr. Sonu recognizes these needs of a person or a couple which has come for a treatment. She understands the emotional turmoil the couple seeking the treatment goes through and therefore acts as a counsellor for them. She sympathizes with the psychological pressure that a couple goes through and listens patiently to all the queries they have. This attitude helps her be extremely supportive in her approach.

Dr. Sonu described that her social media management team is motivated and works towards the aim of establishing consistent communication with existing patients and other people around the world. This will help her patients and others to connect with her and seek her help whenever and however they want.

Establishment of good communication and a thorough assessment of the needs of the patients help in providing the best service. With this in mind Dr. Sonu has developed a platform where all those who need her help can readily connect with her.

The vastness of the virtual world of social media will offer a platform to all her patients and others to understand the causes, myths, facts, results and solutions to the infertility related problems. It will also help in spreading awareness about the fact that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is indeed a natural way of conception.

She is hopeful that an impactful and well- planned digital media presence will help people across the world in earning benefit from the information shared on her website and various social media platforms and hence, a digital campaign has been launched.

Dr. Sonu would like to reach as many people as possible who are in need of guidance and support with regards to Infertility, and require awareness about how IVF, IUI and Artificial Insemination are the best solutions available to all those who want children but can’t conceive naturally.

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