Spirit Medium Laura Mendelsohn Proudly Announces Official Accreditation with American Society for Standards in Mediumship & Physical Investigation

Delray Beach, FL – When it is about spirit medium: Laura Mendelsohn’s ability to help clients connect with their loved ones in the afterlife, or offering an array of psychic readings, there is no second guessing. Her work speaks volumes about her area of expertise in psychic readings, clairvoyant manifestations and ongoing seminars on various subjects regarding spiritual healing.

In recognition of her mediumship and years of dedicated effort into serving people for a better cause, the official American Society for Standards in Mediumship, and Physical Investigation accredited Laura with an official certificate. She is now a welcomed member of the ASSMPI, which is a remarkable, and yet, rare achievement for mediums who have demonstrated their professionalism after years of hard work.

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The ASSMPI is an accredited organization that maintains standards, investigations, and services in regard to various forms of active & passive mediumship. Laura Mendelsohn was welcomed on board recently after her work was not only recognized, but also verified via different sources. Her clients are reportedly satisfied with her natural ability to help people discover things beyond the obvious realm of life.

Laura has successfully demonstrated her abilities as a qualified professional clairvoyant spirit medium. She is also a public speaker and active internet author who partakes in collaborating with online visitors at her official website. Among her abilities as a spirit medium, her most noted areas of specialization are appended below:

• Otherworldly connections with spirits that recently departed for the heavenly abode. Their loved ones can seek Laura’s services to heal grief and know that they have someone watching over them.

• Ability to manifest via remote influence. This has helped people into releasing their aggressive energy, and heal through means that would have been otherwise impossible under normal circumstances.

• Manifestation of accumulating wealth and ways to retain it over the course of years.

• Online spiritual entrepreneurial skills.

In addition to the aforementioned details concerning some areas of Laura Mendelsohn’s work, she is also offering a 4-month certification in mediumship training. She believes in sharing knowledge and passing on information to potential students who are looking to pursue mediumship as a career.

The American Society for Standards in Mediumship, and Physical Investigation has been known to feature success stories and works of select group of mediums who have an accurate track record.  For years, Laura has divulged in acting as a liaison for delivering any news or comforting messages from the spiritual world. As a psychic reader, she also hosts frequent YouTube Live video sessions where people can connect with her through video calls. As a result, they can get in-depth answers from Laura in a fun environment where everyone feels right at home.

To schedule a reading, or a one-on-one session concerning anything related to manifestation, clairvoyance, or spirit mediumship, don’t hesitate in contacting Laura Mendelsohn at: http://www.spiritmediumlaura.com/

About Laura Mendelsohn:

Laura Mendelsohn comes from a psychic family background. It wasn’t until sometime after her 4th birthday when she nearly died in an accident. After surviving the near-death tragedy, she admittedly became more aware of the unseen. Later, as years went by, Laura developed a natural gift for connecting with the spirit world.

She honed her skills at a professional level to help clients across the world. Today, Laura Mendelsohn renders her services as an accredited metal medium in association with the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation (ASSMPI).

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