Rofusport Martial Arts Academy Is Teaching MMA to the People of Milwaukee

The Expert Trainers Teach the Amazing Techniques Of Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing And Jiu Jitsu At Their Best

Milwaukee, WI, USA – May 2, 2017 – Roufusport Martial Arts Academy has announced that it is offering a wide range of programs for the people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These new programs are primarily aimed at teaching the people of the city about the amazing techniques of self-defense and also to promote fitness among the people of the city. These mixed martial arts programs include wrestling, martial arts, kickboxing, traditional boxing and Jiu Jitsu.

“Our martial arts programs are for the people of all age groups and for kids, we have a special Kids Mixed Martial Arts program that admits kids as young as 4,” said the spokesperson of the academy while talking about its programs. “We are welcoming people not only from the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, but also from other parts of the country,” he added. The academy has received phenomenal feedback from the participants and is currently taking new admissions.

The expert trainers at Roufusport Martial Arts Academy have years of experience and they teach the traditional as well as modern techniques of these sports to those in training. Moreover, the experts pay special attention to each participant in order to make sure that they are learning properly and making the right progress. Roufusport has influenced the industry standards of MMA training and competition nationally for many years and some of the best fighters in the industry have been teaching MMA to the participants.

The academy has certified Carlson Gracie Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors who have traveled the world gaining knowledge and experience to properly teach the basic fundamentals, intermediate and advanced techniques on the mat. Daniel Wanderley is one of these Jiu Jitsu instructors and he is a renowned name in the sport. The talent polished by the academy has gone on to the national and international levels to compete professionally on grand stages.

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