Showbox App INC Releases Latest Version of Showbox APK

Showbox APK and Showbox APP Updates and New Versions Ensure Smooth Streaming

Showbox App INC has announced the April 2017 version of Showbox APK.  Showbox App and Showbox APK are reportedly downloaded by millions of users worldwide for mobile and pc streaming of movies and television shows.  New versions and regular updates keep the apps running smoothly.

“Showbox APK and Showbox App offer the most up to date versions so users can enjoy movie and television shows on their mobile phones and personal computers without interruption.  We are constantly working to improve the experience for our patrons,” stated a Showbox representative.

With a record number of cable subscribers canceling their memberships in the past few years, the search has been on for more affordable options.  Showbox is a viable solution many have opted for which accounts for the rise in downloads that the company is reporting.

Downloading the showbox app (available for both Android and iPhones) is a relatively simple process. To initiate, users visit the company site and will be prompted to follow the short instructions.  After downloading, users may enjoy Showbox App and Showbox APK for video streaming on a pc, mobile phone or tablet.  Updates are released and new versions are introduced in order to keep the experience flaw free.

Unlike many alternative apps that are available for mobile and pc users, Showbox offers an avenue for users to stay up to date with the latest news about the product and a designated contact page as well.  “I feel very good about the customer service,” said one new user.  “I had a question of concern that was easily solved and my questions have all been answered.”

The launching of the company came as a remedy to the ever-increasing complaints about the expense of alternative video streaming channels and the contracts required to use them.  With Showbox, there is no contract required and no concern of high fees.

Showbox is an Ohio based company.  Their mission is to provide streaming video or mobile and pc users that is an alternative to expensive contracts for such services.  To download Showbox APK or Showbox App, visit the Showbox website and follow the instructions given on the page.

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