Getting a Mommy Makeover in Houston just in time for the Summer!

HOUSTON, TX – 2 May, 2017 – Summer time is right around the corner, and in Houston it is practically here already. It can be difficult to get that pre-pregnancy figure back.  Many mothers struggle with feeling confident in a swimsuit during the summer. If this is the case schedule a consultation with Dr. Roth to talk about the Mommy Makeover. This cosmetic surgery is a fantastic option for the Houston moms who want to reclaim their bodies right in time for beach season.

Dr. Roth is a mommy makeover specialist in Houston who will work with you to target the specific problem areas on the body that mothers commonly face after pregnancy. The concept of a mommy makeover to reshape your body so you can get that beach body back and fit into the summer cloths you used to wear. Dr. Roth’s mommy makeover will leave moms with an amazing transformation, but this procedure is just for the moms who have had the last of their children.

Dr. Roth’s mommy makeover is composed of four main procedures… A breast Lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and body contouring. A breast lift can increase breast volume and when combined with other components in the mommy makeover can enhance a woman’s breasts to create a full, natural shape. Liposuction Is one of the most important in mommy makeover package as it removes the specific areas where fatty deposits appear the most. Liposuction can be performed on a single area of the body or multiple areas depending on the patient. Tummy Tuck Surgery can bring back that flat stomach by fixing excess skin and repairing the ab muscles affected during the pregnancy. Body contouring ties everything together by reducing excess fat and skin that may have developed in different areas after major weight loss. Combined together, the mommy makeover is an excellent option for those Houston Mom’s who are trying to hit those beachbody goals by this summer.

If you want to see results by this summer, make your decision soon. It can take weeks to fully recover from cosmetic surgery. If you schedule the mommy makeover this spring, you can enjoy your ideal body by the summer.

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