PLAINSBORO, NJ – 2 May, 2017 – From small disagreements, expensive legal battles grow, leaving important relationships with family, friends, neighbors, landlords and valued merchants irreparably harmed.

As humans, we can’t avoid all conflict because dealing with people can be difficult. Things that are said and done can be irritating and, if not addressed early on, can foment into anger and resentment leading to the “I’ll sue you!” syndrome.

“Mediators are neutral third parties who use their experience and training to bring people together so that they can develop an acceptable solution, maybe not a perfect one, but one that all sides can live with,” says Alan Ehrlich, the founder and Executive Partner of Mediate-NJ LLC. 

“Litigation, by its very nature is adversarial and can easily rip apart relationships. Litigation also moves control of the outcome from the individuals involved to a judge, jury or arbitrator whose job it is to declare a winner and loser – and you can never be 100% assured of being the winner,” Ehrlich continued. “Third-party neutrals provide a pathway to an agreement where both parties can ‘win’ by actively participating in the creation of their own agreement.”

While litigation can be very costly as both sides hire legal teams to represent and fight for them, mediation is extremely cost effective – especially if the dispute is brought to a mediator before hiring attorneys. If the conflict cannot be solved in mediation, litigation remains an option and none of the information uncovered during the mediation process is admissible in the court proceedings. Mediation is private and leaves no paper trail.

According to Ehrlich, “Almost 70% of disputes brought to mediation are resolved in mediation. That in itself is a remarkable statistic.”

Mediate-NJ LLC is a growing, statewide consortium of professional third-party neutrals – mediators, conflict coaches, and facilitators – bringing their years of experience and skills to assist in resolving the disputes that are affecting the people of New Jersey.  While not a non-profit organization, Mediate-NJ LLC considers itself a low-profit organization offering mediation, dispute intervention, and training services on an affordable sliding scale in order to bring affordable conflict resolution services to everyone who might require it.

Mediate-NJ LLC is focused on community mediation – disputes between family members, neighbors, landlords and tenants, small businesses and their customers, parents and school districts – disputes that, in general, have no mechanism for resolution other than the overcrowded courts.

Mediate-NJ LLC is based out of Plainsboro, NJ and by utilizing a network of virtual office spaces, provides mediation and dispute intervention services in the neighborhoods and communities where they needed. Additionally, for situations where the parties are geographically separated, on-line mediation sessions can be arranged.

For additional information, contact Alan Ehrlich directly by email at or by phone at 609-619-0039.

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