Online Ordering and Restaurant Point-of-Sale Meets Secure Payments

LAKEWOOD, NJ – 2 May, 2017 – Many restaurants focus on extensive menus and new markets while operational efficiency and technology remain peripheral. Cardknox Development Inc, a leading payment gateway, and Click a Waiter, a cutting-edge restaurant management software, hope to change that with a new partnership. The alliance combines the technology of Click A Waiter restaurant point of sale platform with the payments security of the Cardknox gateway to provide practical solutions for restaurants to grow their businesses and save on processing fees.

Click a Waiter is committed to helping restaurants gain a competitive edge utilizing technology to provide online and Facebook ordering options to clients, as well as a top-tier point of sale software. “Our aim is to be a full-service solution for the modern restaurant that can help businesses manage online and social media orders, assist with delivery coordination and coordinate the day-to-day business operations,” said Osvaldo Rodriguez, CEO at Click a Waiter.  “We realized that straightforward and secure payments were critical to customer satisfaction at restaurants, and worked with Cardknox to implement a solution for our software. Their integration was easy to implement and gave our system an edge in offering the best in payments to our clients.”

Cardknox brings a versatile array of payment solutions to the restaurant and foodservice industry.  Mark Paley, Director of Partner Sales at Cardknox, commented, “Research has shown that payments are a central component of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Business restaurants and takeout providers need quick payment times to keep lines short; we offer secure EMV payments with the fastest processing times in the industry. For the online ordering environment, consumers require secure and intuitive payment options. Our experience helps us offer innovative solutions and integrations to our partners specific to their industry and clientele.”

Together, Cardknox and Click a Waiter aim to bring restaurant payments up to par in terms of versatility, speed, and security. Click a Waiter’s new technology for restaurants combined with Cardknox’s secure payments ensure operational efficiency, greater profits and the ability to grow a business over time. Today’s society necessitates that restaurants stay modern and tech savvy to remain competitive and this partnership gives any restaurant the capacity to implement the latest in technology and innovation at their business.

About Cardknox

Cardknox is a developer-friendly EMV gateway solution that can be integrated with POS systems using only a few lines of code. Offering gateway-only or integrated payments with the lowest rates and most aggressive residuals in the industry, Cardknox serves thousands of customers across every major industry throughout the United States, UK, and Canada.

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About Click-A-Waiter

Massachusetts-based Click a Waiter was first conceived in 2011, the brainchild of Osvaldo and Joyce Rodriguez. The company was created in order to help restaurants all over the world achieve, create and implement a robust online ordering solution branded to the restaurant. They are a growing enterprise with a desire to expand nationwide and internationally; looking to develop distribution and sales partnerships with pre-existing sales networks and related technologies such as POS companies, merchant processors, acquirers and ISO’s.

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