Poetic Healer For Broken Hearts – Mrs. X Releases new single “Being Black Being Blue”

Mrs. X has recently released her new single “Being Black Being Blue” which reflects the pathos of bruised hearts and also teaches how to let go of grief.

May 02, 2017 – After swooning the EDM folks with her happy “Morning Sunshine”, Mrs. X is once again grabbing the headlines with the recent release of her new single “Being Black Being Blue”. While the previous one was all about positive optimism, this time the singer with a mask is all set to heal the broken hearts with her poetic references of letting go of grief. The new single is available for stream and downloads from all the major online platforms like Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.

A part of Pop á la carte, the new single is a heartwarming track about a low point in a human relation. “Being Black Being Blue” is produced by award winning English sound wizard Sefi Carmel who is known for his esteemed association with the likes of B.B.King, Michael Bublé & Birdy. Being a sound designer himself, Sefi has also carried out some mixing & mastering for the song and the overall album. The track features the enigmatic singer’s signature energizing sound and famous guitarist Omer Marranz dons the credit for the strong guitar reefs you will find in the track.

“It’s written in just one breath. I am so much excited to release this single that will make life better of heart broken people. They will feel it and find very heart touching,” said Mrs. X while speaking about the new single.

Layered in poetic text & soothing melody, the new single will touch every person who is passing through a tragic phase in his or her relationship. The way Mrs. X describes a bruised heart in the single – “It‘s a great great crush crush somewhere on the streets of my heart” – resonates with anybody struggling with a broken bond. “Being Black Being Blue” strikes the chord with its apt description of the very pathos of a deeply injured person. It won’t be exaggerating to term the song  as a remedy for all the battered souls out there as it not only consoles them but also inspires to break free of the pain for a better life ahead.

Being Black Being Blue” is composed of two versions of the same track. The main version comes with a slow tempo and is full of feeling. The other version is a tapping remix with powerful club music. It’s the illustrious Aussie DJ Trash Dog who has rendered a new aura to the song with his urbane music.

“The cooperation with Trash Dog is a great pleasure to me,” noted Mrs. X. “He is incredibly creative, very professional, and tries musically a lot. I always try to work together with musicians who are ready for experiments.”

The talented singer, songwriter, and producer sports a cosmopolitan family background and always enjoys working with a global team. Her current team comprises of brilliant music professionals all over from UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Jamaica, USA, Brazil and Azerbaijan. Her albums speak of an inspiring ensemble, featuring powerful guitar riffs mixed with pop, rock & Caribbean hints.

To know more about Mrs. X, please visit the official website or contact her below.

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