“Treasures of El Dorado” Bracelets Are Reflections of the Immaculately Beautiful Region that Inspired Them, the El Dorado Rain Forest

For centuries, the pristine beauty of the rain forests of Guyana, Colombia and Venezuela have hidden treasures that have lured adventurers and treasure hunters from around the world.  Named for the legends of a lost city of gold, the El Dorado rain forest remains an inspiring, seductive locale that continues to produce natural treasures.  This rich, lush region was the inspiration for an amazing, new line of jewelry “Treasures of El Dorado” by Delisa.

After spending years in the region as a geological engineer, Delisa was overwhelmed by the immense beauty of the area and local people. She used locally sourced materials like Amazonite, Onyx, Agate, Jasper, Honey Stone, Turquoise, Bronzite, Opal and Coral to create breathtaking designs that honor the region’s cultures. Lovingly handcrafted, “Treasures of El Dorado” bracelets each have a sterling silver charm and button inspired by local wildlife or traditional themes.

You may now get a “Treasures of El Dorado” piece through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign.  You may reserve your own Bird Logo Charm, or one of a variety of gloriously designed bracelets at a steep discount off the retail price.

To learn more about the “Treasures of El Dorado” or to order your own unique jewelry, please visit https://goo.gl/iMNuM8 or www.treasuresofeldorado.com

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Company Name: Design by Delisa
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Website: https://goo.gl/iMNuM8