The introduction of Alarko’s Visual Identity

As a well-known European manufacturer of heating equipment, Alarko has incorporated energy-saving and emission reduction into its design concept, and implemented it firmly since the company’s establishment in 1954. Alarko boilers are famous for low energy consumption,high efficiency, and low pollution. Alarko products have warmed thousands of households around the world.

In 2016, Alarko entered into China along with its Company VI design. Product designer Fei Lu now presents the company philosophy, objective, LOGO and products to the market. During the VI design process, she combined the company philosophy with the Chinese market’s local characteristics, thereby ensuring that the entirety of the VI system has high recognition and is easy to remember, display, and implement.

The whole VI design can be divided into four major parts according to the space and identification, as listed below:

1. Alarko logo type. It demonstrates the description of the enterprise logo, logo size and color, version of ink used in the design and inversion of the logo, which makes it easy to use and expands the application.

2. Shop facade design. This part combines the characteristics of the Chinese market with the store sales model and design. The aim of the facade design is to ensure the store logo is clearly marked and exclusive. This design is sure to attract the passersby to stop or visit, while leaving a deep impression in the viewer’s mind. In short, the shop façade will be easy to remember and catch people’s attention upon seeing the familiar shop.

3. Interior display modules. This part reports the requirements for the interior design specification and layouts. The interior color of the exhibition hall should be appropriate, thereby enabling the viewers to recognize the enterprise logo quickly. Furthermore, the appropriate use of red in the logo highlights the process of boiler heating and brings a sense of warmth to people.

4. The interior design and specifications are of a modular design for different sizes of exhibition halls, making it easy to use for a variety of space displays. The whole set of VI design not only reflects the enterprise elements, but also combines with the product features, to provide an experience that is warm and refined while imbued with industrial sense, making the VI system easy to implement and operate.

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Alarko VI designed by Fei Lu (Graduated from UIUC MFA in 2016)

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