Taixi Electric Announces 10KA MCB Miniature Circuit Breakers with Overload & Short Circuit Protection

For protection of distribution lines from overload and short-circuit, TAIXI Electric Co.,LTD. offers different types of MCBs, such as 10kA circuit breakers, 63 Amp MCBs and 10kA MCB circuit breakers.

In order to maintain the safety of the power networks, miniature circuit boards are important devices that offer protection in emergency situations, like  overload, short-circuit and others. China based TAIXI Electric Co.,LTD supplies different varieties of MCBs that can ensure the safety of the network by cutting the electric supply in a timely manner.

The company supplies the 10kA circuit breaker that can enhance the security capabilities and avoids any kind of accidents due to short-circuits. The circuit breaker is mainly used for the protection of the distribution lines of 40V rated voltage and rated current of 63A. It is also used to avoid frequent breaking and conversion of lines due to overload and short circuit. The MCB also features strong auxiliary function modules, such as auxiliary contacts, indication contacts with alarm, shunt release, etc. The product complies with GB10963.1 andIEC60898-1 standards and is safe to be used in power distribution networks.

Taixi Electric Announces 10KA MCB Miniature Circuit Breakers with Overload & Short Circuit Protection

Their 63 Amp MCB also has the under-voltage release remote trip control and other modules that protect an electric circuit from possible damages due to excess current. When a fault is detected in the circuit, the MCB interrupts the current flow to avoid any damage or an accident. The MCB of TAIXI Electric Co.,LTD has been designed to offer protection during the overload and faulty condition of the circuit. According to the company spokesperson, they maintain an improved manufacturing process backed by a stringent quality control process to produce MCBs that efficiently avoid damage of circuits from over current.

The spokesperson of the company maintains 10kA MCB circuit breaker works best under the normal operating conditions. The circuit breaker is suitable to provide the line protection for resistive load, inductive load and high inductive load. The MCB is suitable for power distribution system, load distribution system and high sense lighting systems.

To know more about these MCBs and their specifications and advantages, one can visit the website http://www.txele.com

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