Wallpapersupplier.net Printing Technology for Plastic Wall Covering Products Delivers Distinct Benefits to Users

Wallpapersupplier.net, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of wallpapers, recently imported a water-based ink printing technology from Germany. The owners claimed that the technology has four distinct benefits.

Wallpapersupplier.net, a top wallpaper supplying agency which has earned the trust of homeowners, recently imported water-based ink printing technology from Germany in order to deliver four salient benefits to their customers. The owners claimed that the avant-garde technology has revolutionized the wallpaper manufacturing and design procedure and also added that the ink printing technology can deliver at least four distinct benefits to the end users. The technology is now being used by the top wallpaper manufacturer in all plastic wall covering products and other types of wall covering products.

According to the owners, the water-based ink printing technology creates a soft and durable result on papers and artworks which they produce. The biggest benefit, as the owners cited, is that the wallpaper products do not contain any sort of toxic element. The same technology is used for printing baby clothes and swimwear products all over the world and the owners of Wallpapersupplier.net claimed that the no-formaldehyde formula is completely safe for babies and toddlers.

The owners also added that the stick faux wood wall covering products which are manufactured by using the imported water-based ink printing technology are versatile and durable as well. They said that the products are environment friendly and completely safe to use – two biggest reasons why their products have increased in popularity since they started using the technology.

The owners said that the wallpaper products which they have in store now are completely washable as well and the water-resistant nature of the color can be attributed to the ink-printing technology only. The wallpapers are soft-touch and the colors have excellent opacity, all due to the new-age technology replacing the traditional printing technology used by the manufacturer.

“The biggest benefit of using the technology, as we can realize, is that now we can keep the products completely free of formaldehyde. This is what the potential customers of glitter wallcovering products precisely look for these days. We are happy that we have finally found a futuristic technology which we can use in all the products”, said the CEO and managing director of Wallpapersupplier.net

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