Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®: See S2 Capital Discuss Their Successful Investment Opportunities with Multi-Family Properties

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Los Angeles, CA – May 2, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Skip Bird and Scott Everett, Co-Principals of S2 Capital, a company founded in 2012 to build a multi-family “value add” investment platform in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

The interview will focus on the company’s unique, innovative business strategies that provide great opportunities for both tenants and investors.

Today, S2 Capital has acquired more than $300 million in “B and C” multi-family communities (more than 5,000 units) and successfully invested more than $40 million in upgrades and renovations. The company is committed to providing the best living experience for its tenants in the respective sub-market. S2 Capital is headquartered in Addison, Texas.

Everett says that S2 Capital executes their investment strategy in a solid way. He explains, “We built up our construction in-house, we’ve got all of our operations in-house, so it starts with identifying the property, finding the debt and the equity, executing that, taking over the property itself and then putting it into the design phase for the renovation. From there, we turn it over to asset management operations to go out and achieve those objectives.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is proud to feature S2 Capital. He says, “Commercial real estate is a highly competitive business. Investors in this market must really know what properties are best at all times. That’s where S2 Capital comes in. This team of experts is powerfully transforming multi-family properties into successful investments. Their work and their impact on the real estate industry are inspiring to say the least! We’re so excited to have S2 Capital on our show.”

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