Clever Messenger App Allows Users To Automate Their Business And Creates Unlimited Pages & Messages

Stefan van der Vlag and his team have recently introduced a new product called Clever Messenger which offers unlimited power and saves the users CSS styles and pages, and it works on the platform that the marketer already using.

Clever Messenger is an all-in-one MBCS (Messenger Bot Creator Suite) for unlimited messages and pages. It is one of the best feedback tools that every user should have in their toolkit. The Clever Messenger helps to reproduce visitors’ objection, by enhancing the user experience and resulting in more leads, better conversions, more sales, etc., and assist the company in producing successfully.

The CleverMessenger is a next-gen tool persisting on increasing marketers income. With the Clever Messenger, the user can get:

• Heatmaps that looks like X-Ray, which enhances conversions.
• Provides CCTV kind of Recordings, which allows the user to spy legally on their visitors.
• It allows the user to get inside their visitors’ mind with surveys and polls.
• It allows the user to keep track with Form Analysis and Conversions Funnels.
• The users will never have to depend on hope marketing and guesswork again.

Now, with this next-gen tool, the marketer can remove the blindfold because of the brand new technology designed for the task. With this all-in-one feedback tool offers, including Behavioral Recordings, Heatmaps, Feedback Pools, Surveys, From Analyses, Conversion Funnels, and more the insight the user needed for their business. The Clever Messenger technology used by Fortune 500 Companies and Start-Up Companies, and several other conversion marketers because they trust this technology as they use these feedback tools to

• Increase brand exposure
• Build their lists
• Maximize sales and profits
• Gain new customers

The Feedback tools help the user to improve their experience and provide better conversions, leads, sales, and increases the growth of the company.

Clever Messenger is the world’s most effective and powerful Conversion Machine that has been helping several marketers to enhance their business using top features. The all-in-one Messenger bot creation tool can produce any bot that the user wants.

Key features of Clever Messenger:

• It is a mother of all messenger bots available in the market
• Allows the user to send plain text: The messenger bot sends secure text messages to any user who engages in conversation.
• Allows the user to send Menu Items: It gives visitors and customers a predefined choice by using the bot to send menus.
• Allow the user to Broadcast Messages: It is similar to the auto-responder for FB Messenger as it sends limitless messages.
• Allows the user to send Carousel Items.
• Allows the user to create endless bots and more.

With this Clever Messenger next-gen compression technology, the user’s site will not slow down, the user’s visitors will not observe anything. The Converts-fire saves the users entire website it will be little so, but the user’s visitor footages are always exactly right that the user can never find in any others compressions technology available on the market.

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