WP PromoBox Plugin – A Brand New Plugin that Shows the Latest Deals on Amazon on the WP Sites

Yoedi just introduced his new product for marketers that will help them increase their revenue when dealing with business such as product sales, affiliate income, amazon affiliate income and many more. The product is called WP PromoBox Plugin.

PromoBox WP Plugin displays Amazon Deals on the users’ website to increase their online income. It allows the users to include animation to attract more visitors. It shows the latest deals on Amazon by category wisely and shows it on animated notification box or popup.

WP PromoBox Plugin is the latest WordPress and affiliate marketing optimization plug-in that facilitates the users to display the current Amazon deals and includes their affiliate link on it. The WP PromoBox plugin will display the latest deals of Amazon by wise category on a notification box or fresh animated popup, and the users can also utilize this plug-in to increase their affiliate income or product sales. They can add infinite offers to their website visitors as well.

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It’s a known fact that everybody loves discounts and special offers, and that is why the developers created this awesome tool to help people to get the best deals on Amazon. The Amazon.com offers Amazon Goldbox Deals, which most people don’t know about this deadline, which Amazon offers several products at very special prices. The Amazon affiliates allowed to show these deals on their sites to double or triple their income. This WP PromoBox Plug-in helps the users increase their sales, affiliate sales, Amazon earnings, and more.

The Key Features of WP PromoBox Plug-in:

• Displays New Amazon Deals on their website offers

• Auto claps the Deals on Amazon based on category.

• Endless content offers.

• User-friendly plug-in panels.

• Notification box or popup effect

• Twelve appear animation effect

• Limitless color schemes

The WP PromoBox plug-in reviews show that this can automatically display the real-time Goldbox Deals of Amazon on the users’ website. The users can choose the products based on a product category to adjust to their website’s content. The users just need to enter their Amazon Tracking ID, and they don’t need to update it regularly/daily.

More powerful feature of WP Promobox plugin can be found on their official site when click in here.

How to Place Amazon Deals on User Sites?

It is a simple process, the users just need to copy the Amazon Deal, paste and they can manually update it. However, Amazon Goldbox deals are updated daily. If the users want to show it on their website manually, they have to check Goldbox Deals page and then copy and paste in on their site. The users need to do it every day to display the latest deals available on Amazon on their site which seems to be crazy thing to do. But, the users have the solution and Install WP Promobox into their WordPress Site which is the best and easiest way to display the latest Goldbox Amazon deal on their website.

Promobox is a unique plug-in, and the users cannot find any other plug-in that does this type of task. It is only WP Plug-9n that facilities the users to display the new category based Amazon Deals and also allow them to show it on their website. It also shows that on a notification box or cool animated popup.

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