Bours and Lucero Launches New Service for Traffic Law/Traffic Violation Law

Maryland-based law firm, Bours and Lucero have added Traffic Law/Traffic Violation Law to their already growing suite of legal services. This will cover all aspects of traffic offenses including DUI (driving under the influence) cases. The company is launching this service in response to recent legislation in the Montgomery County, MD area.

Bours & Lucero Law has expanded their services in two main areas: Traffic Law and DUIs. The law firm decided to provide legal representation for Traffic violations because they have been providing superior results for recent clients. They also possess considerable knowledge on Maryland traffic law, specifically in Rockville MD and how local courts handle traffic violations. Bours and Lucero also has extensive courtroom experience paired with a strategic mindset, which gives them the ability to defend clients and aggressively advocate for their rights and interests.

As part of their DUI service, Bours and Lucero fights every case with full dedication; constantly listening and communicating with clients. From these discussions, the company then devises litigation tactics to mount vigorous defenses for their clients. Moreover, Bours and Lucero always keeps their clients informed of all the recent developments in DUIs.

Most notably, Bours and Lucero’s DUI litigation services have been launched against the backdrop of The Drunk Driving Reduction Act, also known as Noah’s Law, which was enacted in 2016. This Act has significantly impacted the way courts deal with DUI offenders in Maryland, and results in the expansion of the Ignition Interlock program. The law firm believes that the Act will lead to increase in demand for legal representation in this area, and clients need an experienced attorney more than ever before to navigate this new legislation.

Bours and Lucero LLC consists of a team of three highly qualified and experienced attorneys: Reginald W. Bours III, Alicia R. Lucero, and FarzanKhajenoori. For over 40 years, they have represented their clients in a wide variety of legal issues including marital separation, divorce, custody, bankruptcy, DUIs, and other criminal offenses. The law firm takes pride in its ability to help their clients successfully navigate through the legal process, establish a personal connection with them, and protect their best interests and rights.

Prospective clients can find out more about Bours and Lucero’s services at

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