Chinese Wuxia Novel is Becoming Fashionable Among Young People

Fans of Chinese “Martial” Novels

Several young men are being interviewed by a journalist. They excitingly talking about a Chinese “martial” novel. After being influenced by Disney and Marvel images for several decades, except the cheap toys, Chinese determines to strike a powerful counter-blow to Americans with Chinese network culture.

“Martial” novel is just such a weapon. However, there is not only kongfu in such novels. It surprises Chinese that Americans who just know about “kongfu” regard all Chinese novels as “kongfu”. In fact, “martial” novel should be called “fantasy” novel more exactly.

So that there are more wonderful elements in “martial” novels, such as strong and powerful sorcerers, extraordinarily beautiful female roles and plots which all bad men are killed heartily. It is quite different with the justice “martial”. The main roles take actions of killing for losing face instead of punishing bad guys.

One “martial” novel fan said that he is bored by the good images of Japanese anime main roles, and the Batman who just can put clowns into prison, prefers to Chinese novels whose main roles are allowed to kill others heartily.

Because the young readers don’t know Chinese so that they read the novels through some special translation websites. At the beginning, just some volunteers would like to translate them, but readers are so eager to know the later story’s plots that they offer 40 to 80 dollars per chapter to the translators. Then there are gradually more and more translators.

The translators have high position to readers. They are just like the owners of water source in the desert who are praised by the dying people.

The writer of novel owns more respect from readers. Readers would discuss the plots and criticize characters, and they definitely would not attack the writer.

“I-eat-tomatoes”, is a very popular writer. Readers regard him as a superstar being interested in his private life, including photos, age and income.


Of course, people still focus on the work. Although translators are praised by readers, readers are still not satisfied with the translation speed. Some readers begin to learn Chinese for reading Chinese novels. However, most people think that it costs too much time to learn a new language, so that they just reluctantly choose to wait for updates.

During the time of waiting the translation update, fans spend much time to look for related amusement on Chinese websites. And they surprisingly find that many “martial” novels have been made into mobile games.

One “martial” novel fan interviewed showed the journalist a mobile game called Lord Xue Ying II.

Lord Xue Ying II

He talked about the process of finding the game. With the cover offered by “martial” website and translation tools, on Chinese website, he found out the Chinese name of the game, and finally he copied the name to search it on App Store.

Just the game has been marketed, he downloaded it at once, earlier than many Chinese.

Exception the confusing Chinese, he likes this game very much. He said that although he couldn’t understand the meanings of Chinese in the game, he was excite that eventually he can became the main role. He also found the great difference between Chinese “martial” games and local games, namely, the main roles in “martial” games often defeat the whole army which would not happen in local games.

Unlimited imagination is an important reason which attracts those fans. He said, “In games, nobody needs science, and what we need is just happiness.”

Nowadays, there are more than 100 websites translating Chinese “martial”novels. The largest one has ranked the 1536th on the traffic list. Someones even have made license agreements with Chinese websites. Those young men interviewed click those websites more than one million times everyday, and this click number will become larger in the future.

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