How to hire a foreign domestic worker (maid) in Singapore?

For most busy local and expatriate families living in Singapore, a small prosperous country in South East Asia, many may consider hiring a full-time maid in Singapore or a part-time cleaner. This is not an easy decision to take, though. It is important to be sure that you can handle a foreign worker who may not be comfortable or even aware of the way of life and laws of Singapore.

After thinking and feeling that you really need full-time domestic help, the next step is to choose a trusted maid agency and to get one either via Maid Agency in Singapore or try looking up on the Ministry of Manpower website for list licensed maid agency.

Through a Licensed Maid Employment Agency

Whenever possible, the advisable option to take is to contact a licensed maid employment  agency. With a legitimate agency, you do not have to worry about the details of the requirement of legally hiring a maid in Singapore. Even though you need to participate in meeting the requirements as required by the Ministry of Manpower, a licensed agency will ensure that all documents are ready and that you do not miss a step and waste valuable time. Maid agencies also offer additional resources to employers whenever a worker performance is unsatisfactory and an agency can provide invaluable advice and assist in mediating the situation for a positive outcome.

One of the established and reputable Maid Agency in Singapore with over 30 years of experience that comes to mind to many will be Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd and they can be reached at via their website or through their facebook page


Remember, do ensure that whichever maid agency that you are dealing with are authorized to operate formally by the Ministry of Manpower and in addition it would be better if that agency is accredited either by the Associated of Employment Agencies Singapore (AEAS) or Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) for good business practice.

You can find more of these maid agencies along the Orchard Road area, including the Far East Plaza Mall and Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre.

Direct Hiring your own maid

You may prefer to direct hire your own maid, perhaps through a personal referral from friends or relatives or maybe even bringing back your previous maid. If that is the case, you can either direct hire a maid in her own country or arrange a transfer if the maid is already in Singapore and she is eligible for transfer. Here are the general requirements you should take note of:

First-time Employers should complete an Employer Orientation Programme (EOP) before hiring any foreign domestic worker. This can be accomplished online but you do need your SingPass ready.

Employers will either need to be a Singapore Citizen/PR or S Pass/E Pass holders and above 21 years old to apply.

Do note that Maid Levy is a monthly fee payable to the Government and is $265 or if you are eligible for Low levy, then it will be just $60. The medical examination of the maid must be done every six months and this cost must also be paid by the employer. Additional expenses include food, lodging, insurance, and a return air ticket if the maid does recontract for another 2 years with you.

Before the maids are allowed to work, all first-time maid must complete the Settling-In-Programme.

The considerations of an employer go far beyond the legal and documentary requirements. There are also some other important points to keep in mind.

A foreign domestic worker is not allowed to get pregnant while working in the country. It is up to each employer to ensure this does not happen.

The age limit for domestic workers is 23 to 50 years. The maid must also have at least eight years of formal education.

Foreign domestic workers are not allowed to perform non-domestic work tasks.

It is a good policy to educate foreign domestic workers regarding the culture and laws of Singapore.

Foreign domestic workers in Singapore will not present problems if treated well, given due respect and understanding. That is why it is very important that employers know the appropriate steps to employ a maid in Singapore.

For best information about hiring a maid through a licensed and established maid agency, do visit this website

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