Royal Holiday Vacation Club Reviews Top Travel Destinations This Year

MIAMI FL – 3 May, 2017 – Many people enjoy the prospect of traveling, but have a hard time fitting the cost into their budget. Timeshares are one way to get around this, as vacationers can split the cost with others to make the experience more affordable for everyone. You are limited to one location using this method, however, preventing you from experiencing everything the world has to offer.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club takes the concept of timeshares to a global scale. Members receive a currency called Holiday credits that may be used to book any kind of vacation you can imagine. These credits are awarded to you on an annual basis in the amount specified in your membership level. The lowest tier membership, Bronze, gives you up to 10,000 credits annually, while the highest level, Royal, grants you up to 75,000. Credit prices vary between vacation packages and the season (Mild is the cheapest, High in the middle, and Peak the most expensive), but you can book a great vacation with only a Bronze membership. If a more expensive offer catches your eye, you may purchase additional Holiday credits or upgrade your membership at any time.

A common problem with timeshares is that you cannot actually use them enough to justify their cost. If you find yourself unable to use your Holiday credits in a given year, you can roll 100 percent of them over into the next. Not only does this protect you from losing credits to a busy schedule, it also allows you to save up credits for an extra special experience. If they are still unused after a second year, you may transfer 20 percent of them into a third year. It is also possible to rent your credits out when you are not using them, giving you cash ($500 per 15,000 credit block) up to twice each year. This money may be electronically transferred to your bank account or used to pay the fees associated with club membership.

If you are worried that Holiday credits are valid only at the Holiday Inn, know that premium accommodations are on offer. Affiliated Park Royal hotels and five star resorts allow you to enjoy beautiful locations such as Orlando, Florida; Vail, Colorado; Paris, France; Mayan Riviera, Mexico; and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. All told, the Club facilitates travel to 180 different destinations located in 52 different countries. Alternatively, you can book a cruise through a major cruise liner such as Carnival, MSC Cruseros, or Princess Cruises. The Club offers only the best cruise destinations, ranging from Alaska’s fjords to picturesque Caribbean beaches.  All told, the Club facilitates travel to 180 different destination located in 52 different countries.

If you like traditional timeshares, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), a network of timeshares in over 100 countries. You can use your Holiday credits to book stays in these timeshares for free during your first year of membership, and can continue to do so after that for an additional fee. If you decide you prefer the luxurious hotels and elegant cruises mentioned above, there is no obligation to pay for RCI. With so many fantastic options available to you, you will never need to take the same vacation twice!

Better yet, the cost of all this traveling will not rise over the course of your 30-year membership. Royal Holiday takes pride in locking in your rates as soon as you become a member, preventing inflation and other unforeseen factors from impacting your wallet. Paying on time for six consecutive months will also grant you a discount of three percent on every subsequent monthly bill. You can travel the world without worrying about the financial consequences of doing so!

Royal Holiday Vacation Club understands that this is a lot of options and information to absorb, so members receive the added benefit of a Holiday adviser who can explain all of their options to them before they commit Holiday credits to anything. This adviser can also explain other benefits to you, including a summer camp program for your kids and travel insurance for your trip. If you are ready to see the world for a fraction of the cost other people pay, contact the Royal Holiday Vacation Club today!

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