A Tranquil Family a new book by: Meir Simhony

“In every religion, the groom promises devotion to the bride, and the bride promises it to the groom, However, neither one thinks deeply what this promise really means.”
It is human nature to look for a life partner and strive to live a long life together; a life of cooperation, sharing thoughts, desires and dreams. Journeying through life with a partner is the only way to be truly successful.

The author builds you a system of creating a desirable family structure, as is acquired in our lives. He examins the elements that make up the assumedly correct relationship structure, and their various parts. At the same time, he shows you how to learn about and understand family life after the marriage and honeymoon stage ends, and life becomes an onerous and boring burden.

No one wants a boring life. No one wants their life to be sucked of joy and creativity and excitement. We all hope that when we get older we will sit side by side in dignity and happiness and look at one other with loving eyes as we looked at each joint at the beginning of our journey together.

This book is a love song that Meir  learned from experience with his dear wife, who for over two years has not been by his side, and whose absence he still feel. He wanted to share the happiness and joy she gave me with the reader.

A Tranquil Family is a guidebook on how to find the most suitable partner and how to build a happy, beautiful and successful life together.

Meir Simhony holds an MA in education from the University of Leeds in England, is a teacher, educator, marriage counselor and educational consultant. He has over 30 years of experience in guiding both couples and individuals to a life of happiness. He writes in language accessible to everyone, so you too can achieve a life of happiness and well-being. Meir was widowed after many years of living a life of love with his wife. He stayed by her side for 22 years, through a bed-ridden struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. They raised five children together and have 29 grandchildren.

Meir Simhony would love to answer your questions and help you improve your relationships.

E-mail: reuttova@gmail.com

The book is available on Amazon & Amazon Kindle

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