Semafores launches Indiegogo Campaign for Curi™ to Simplify Caregiving for Families

Mobilizing Family Caregiving with the Family Caregiver’s Assistant!

Curi™, the family caregiver’s assistant, is an American invention by Semafores, Inc. The revolutionary app will simplify and streamline complicated family caregiving. Created by Julie Tittler, an American mother of two children, one of them with special needs, the app will be a revolution in the lives of many people.

Curi is a perfect solution for families faced with the need to care for children and seniors with complicated care needs at home. It enables family caregivers to stay on top of caregiving activities while working and properly caring for themselves.

“Using Curi™ on your mobile device helps you stay organized, motivated, and connected to family and friends who can help,” said Julie while talking about Curi. “The result is more effective and less stressful caregiving because we are caregivers too, so we know the problems you face.” Julie is now seeking community support to finish the development of this app and bring it to the market for everyone.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at: and it offers pledge levels from $5 to $2000, with perks and rewards ranging from an advanced notice of any public releases to the Angel Pack Plus by Curi with an overwhelming number of rewards. Most pledge levels include subscriptions to Curi once it is available at a significant discount from our anticipated price.

About Curi

Curi is a remarkable solution to simplify family caregiving and help families. The app will run on modern smartphones and will ultimately play a role in keeping people healthy and improving the lives of family caregivers. Curi is designed to help family caregivers better understand their caregiving needs, plan caregiving actions, and coordinate with other family members to make the role of family caregiver simpler and less stressful.

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