New Book, African Booty Scratcher, Turning Pain Into Profit

Young Ethiopian-American, Michael Asmerom proudly announces the release of his new book, African Booty Scratcher. The highly inspiring and humorous book reveals the tough task of how an 8-year old boy finds himself in one of the biggest cities in America, Harlem and that made life difficult being unable to communicate and mix with  the city full of diverse and clashing cultures. 

The book captures the true life story of Michael and how he was able survive the harsh weathers of bullying, name-calling, confusing clash of cultures and how he can easily fit into his new environment.

I wrote the book in dedication to my late mother that passed away from breast cancer. Time and time again, I have faced many adversities, however, I have learned to use adversity to push me to success. I hope that people of all ages are able to read the book gain insights and use it to impact the world and leave their legacy,” says, Michael Asmerom

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The book, African Booty Scratcher, is a masterpiece with a huge relevancy in the present political climate of America. Through this new book, everyone can learn the power of focus and hard work. Written in a simple and inspiring way, the book projects the possibility of winning despite all odds.

For thousands of people out  there who are caught up in the battle of being accepted and becoming a part of a foreign culture and system, the book can be of great help. Through the thick and thin of it all, Asmerom has grown to become a successful college graduate and an entrepreneur.

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