Airwheel R series Intelligent Electric Assist Bicycle in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017

Airwheel R3&R5 electric assist bike has taken part in the well-known Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The cool appearance, rich riding modes, comfortable riding experience and convenient storage have made these two bikes shining spots on the fair. When many visitors were passing through Airwheel Booth, they stopped and had a try on them.

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This year, Airwheel has participated in the well-known Hong Kong Electronics Fair and its booth number is 3FD34 & D36, Hall 3, which has been held on 13-16 April. Tens of thousands visitors and electronics manufacturers have attended the fair. Airwheel, the leader in intelligent travel tool & equipment sector, absolutely wouldn’t miss such a hard-won chance. The exhibited products of Airwheel included C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 smart racing helmet, S8 mini self-balancing electric scooter, R3 and R5 electric assist bicycles. All of them were welcomed, especially R3 and R5.

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R3 and R5 electric assist bicycles belong to the same series of Airwheel. They share many excellent features, such as wide applications, convenient storage, powerful riding capacity or comfortable riding experience. Both of them enjoy powerful multiple folding system. It means that several simple steps will make them small-sized, which paves the way for convenient parking and storage. The folded R3 and R5 can be easily put in car trunk or taken into metro, bus or other small space.

Airwheel Popular Smart Products in 2017 HK Electronics Fair 

The frame of them is made from light aluminum alloy, which reduces the item weight but improves the load capacity. Meanwhile, the operating arm in the front is adjustable and thus is suitable for people from young to old. Both of them are equipped with branded lithium-ion battery. If riders hope for a relaxing riding, they can select electricity-assisted mode. If they want to use some power assistance, power-assistance mode is a good idea, which offers 0-11 gears for people. In addition, people can choose man-power mode so as to build up body.

S8 MINI sitting posture electric scooter 

In the booth of Airwheel, visitors could try on every product personally. Those people who had a try on R3 and R5 citizen e-bike gave them a thumbs-up. Many of them even placed an order on the spot. They became world famous on Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

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