Olympia University Of Business & Technology (OUBT): Bridging The Gap Between Business & Technology

Olympia, WA – May 03, 2017 – In the information-based, skills-intensive economy of the twenty-first century, one thing is clear: knowing means growing. While many workers will continue to be in occupations that do not require an advanced degree, the best jobs will be those requiring education and training.

The state of Washington is enjoying high rates of productivity growth thanks in large measure to technological innovation by both technology focused and traditional companies. As that trend continues, it leads to higher incomes and improved standards of living. This trend helps more Americans become financial stable and secure. At the same time, there is a huge gap between industry’s needs for skilled workers and availability of a trained-technical workforce.

How do we ensure that workers get the skills they need to succeed in the twenty-first century workplace? Will employers hire and train workers who initially lack skills? What happens to the worker laid off from a manufacturing job—does he get training in new technologies? Or is he stuck in lower-wage jobs? How do we make sure that people with disabilities have access to training and the technologies that facilitate their participation in the workplace?

Olympia University of Business and Technology (OUBT), a local (Olympia headquartered) non-profit organization offering a stellar learning and training program to individuals who want to evolve their careers and grow as part of the high paying IT industry. CodeSmart, Inc. (Olympia and Bellevue locations) is the first (of many to come) corporate sponsor of learning programs at OUBT. The instructors and mentors are current employees of CodeSmart and their facilities are going to be used for our classes.

The program targeted to people who otherwise would not consider a career in the technology field. This is not to compete with 2 or 4-year college degrees but rather a quick way to gain an entry level position as a technology knowledge worker. Candidates come from all walks of life; working, unemployed, underemployed, anyone who is motivated to upgrade their career into the technology field but may not want or cannot take the time and expense for a 2 or 4-year degree. Interestingly enough we are finding our current student pool ranges from women, veterans, minorities, and people who are forced into a career change by the ever changing employment scene.

The class is a 3 months’ time frame during which students will spend approximately 4 hours/week in the classroom. This plus 20 hours a week of outside of classroom instruction provides the knowledge level to become entry level in their chosen learning path. The goal of the class is to provide the students training and to be able to go online for an industry known and accepted standard to verify and validate the knowledge they gained in the classroom. Note: OUBT does not own or sponsor the test but its mentors will help the students groom for the test.

“Once the students matriculate form the class and achieve certification then they can be considered for a 6 months Internship with CodeSmart or one our customers. Should the candidate perform exceptionally well through internship, we have something well planned for that too,” says Mark Meyer, the President of CodeSmart and the co-founder of OUBT.

Meyer goes on to explain, “After much market research, our approach provides the three bases any employer looks for in technology-worker candidates. 1. Training, 2. Validation of that training (via independent certification), 3. Work experience (gained though our internship program).  We have not seen many other programs that offer the same trifecta to students.”

Courses/Programs offered: .NET, JAVA. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, PeopleSoft development, ERP administration, DataBase Development

Classroom size: 10 to 15 students

Class hours: Weekends Saturday 10 am- 1 pm PT and weekday evenings (in Olympia and Bellevue).

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Debadutta Dash at 360-208-0560 or email at debadutta.dash@oubt.org

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