Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes: Journey of Miracles

PHOENIX, AZ – 3 May, 2017 – Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes was inspired by the spirit we all have inside of us. It was mostly written on a miraculous journey in Uganda, Africa. These poems have been read to both children and adults, setting them free…simply to be.

We asked Joel Crotzer, author of Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes, why he wrote this book. “I would like to start with a disclaimer,” Joel stated after a brief moment of contemplation, “I am no conspiracist but it is apparent that mind games are still a foot.  It all begins at a nursery age–rhymes. Nursery rhymes are not evil in themselves but what is planted along with the program. In America, it’s all technological, fast and easy but we free thinkers are not so easily subliminized. All the nations in this world operate this way.”

Why the focus on Africa? “We go there to teach life. Not just church or religion but business, government, family, media, arts, entertainment, and education.  There is no place like Africa where time began,” replied Joel.

Joel C Crotzer was born in the small town of Dahlonega, GA site of the first Gold Rush. In 1992 he became C.E.O. of North Georgia Glass & Mirror at 22 years of age. He is a devout entrepreneur in business, devoted husband, and father, and has been the Senior Pastor of Fortress International Ministries for over 16 years. 

Joel feels privileged to have spiritually fathered children of all ages, all over the world and in every facet of life. His goal is to teach real lessons on all areas of life, family, business, government, and of course the kingdom of God, so that anyone can apply and become successful. Joel believes that hard work, dedication, and faith make any dream possible.

Bringing faith to the children of Africa is a courageous undertaking, why did you feel this was so important? “Faith opens all the senses of the soul from anger to passion. Faith makes poetry possible and when the human soul is open the mind can receive great revelations. When we believe, we are free to dream, see, hear, and taste life in all its glory and power.” Joel continued, “People are people wherever you go. There is only one race, human. When oppression is broken, we see life correctly and we are all the same on the inside.”

Remember, big brother is watching, but we are the seers of it all. It is better to see than to watch, one will make you blind the otherwise. Nursery Rhymes of Zhymes stops time in the mind and unlocks its ability to see as a child. We do jobs we hate and live lives we would not have chosen; few ever find true zhymes.

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For more information on the journey, contact Joel C. Crotzer by email at or (470) 239-1940.

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