Viraloo – New app Empower its users with the ability to generate unlimited and viral traffic

Do not get enough converting traffic is the big reason why many online businesses are not making the right kind of revenue. Moreover, in an attempt to tackle that issue, two professionals named Art Flair & Stefan Ciancio have together created Viraloo.

Traffic is the backbone of any online enterprise, with the solid source of quality traffic, people can write a paycheck for themselves. However, most online advertisers are struggling to get the required traffic. It is because paid traffic is expensive and complicated while free traffic is not totally free and can take a long period before it takes effect. That comes the Viraloo of Art Flair & Stefan Ciancio.

Viraloo is the brand new, cloud-based app that can share a simple page and start generating traffic later on a complete autopilot. With this clever piece of software, people be able to get traffic instantly, in any niche, with a few simple steps.

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Viraloo help users create a simple page which puts up a gate around any preferred content. The content could be a Free Report, A Blog Post, or even a recently recorded video. Before visitors can get access the content, they have to share that page with other users on social media. More and more sharing will take campaign viral and generate hundreds of unique visitors within hours.

Viraloo software is considered easy to use with its point and click interface. Users can control what content Viraloo protects. Everything inside the Viraloo’s dashboard is newbie-friendly and uses simple ‘drag and drop’ technology, so there’s no coding or complicated technical skills required. Its users can also decide how many people the page must be shared with before the content is unlocked.

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Right inside, the software includes one step-by-step video training which will walks users through everything and makes it extremely easy to quickly get the desired outcomes. Moreover, one real-life case study demonstrates how the product creators get the real traffic with Viraloo Software. The traffic getting in the case study is 100% free, and people can follow along to make the same results.

According to the product creators, the Viraloo Software can work in any niche. It only takes a few steps to set up and get the traffic and make it flowing instantly. In contrast to other viral soft, Viraloo can get its user the high-quality traffic. This app feature takes advantage of the viral nature of social media and forces its viewer to share the content and get tons of viral traffic. Once everything is setup, Viraloo will work on autopilot.

Mosh Bari, top product creator and affiliate marketer, also beta testers of Viraloo stated: “Free Traffic is awesome, simply because you can test your campaigns without being afraid of losing money, but it does not always convert. However, Viraloo generates Free Viral Traffic. A whole different story. I have been waiting for a piece of software like this for a long time.”

The traffic getting with this app is extremely targeted and works in any niche that users can use this for almost anything to promote online product or service, including Affiliate Offers Coaching Programs, CPA Offers, Services, Physical Products and even offline businesses looking for online traffic.

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