Seattle Comedian Teaches To Crush Stage Fright

Seattle, WA — Speaking in public is one of the top fears for most people. In some cases, the thought of speaking is debilitating and career limiting for many people. Well now there may be a solution for people who want to overcome stage fright or simply get better at speaking on stage. Known as The Conscious Comedian, Brooklyn Dicent launches new public speaking course that uses the tools of improv and stand up comedy to help people improve public speaking skills and eliminate fear of speaking. Her students are finding this innovative style of learning to speak on stage and on camera extremely useful. Nora Paxton, Life Coach from Bellevue WA reacts after her just one class with Brooklyn “Highly recommend this program. Brooklyn is an amazing coach! I had the pleasure working with her and her classes are truly transformational.” Paxton took the class as a way to help her improve speaking to market her business. Most of Brooklyn’s students are what she calls Artistpreneur or solo business owners whose businesses are arts as well as personal development such as comedians, life coaches, and speakers. 

A national recruiting consultant and a person struggling with stage fright, Shannon L. Anderson was so moved by what she learned at the workshop that she penned a touching article the next day. She writes “We learned to receive applause every time we failed to meet the objective of one of the exercises. It relaxed my mind. Brooklyn promised the class would be stress free, anxiety free, safe, and fun. Was it? Yes! I forgot to be afraid. Not once did I get the tremors or sweats. This is a first for me. So, I’m hopeful.”

“Brooklyn’s public speaking course helped me to find my voice and confidence. I had been wanting to really get my message out there but could not speak my truth until I took her course” says Spiritual Guide Glenna Bain. Jackie Leone Pleasant Real Estate Broker adds “I couldn’t believe it how quickly I became comfortable on stage. I had been a drama major and had lost my confidence to be on stage. Then within first hour of the class I regained my love for performance. Brooklyn helped me to rediscover my sense of play”

“Every business owner is a speaker. The best way to get new clients is to go out and speak. A lot of intelligent and charismatic  people do really good one on one. The problem is communicating from the stage or on camera. The goal of the class is to teach students to remove any crippling fears about speaking in public.” Says Dicent.  The class uses improv and stand up comedy techniques to arm students with fun and easy to use tools when they are back in the real world. Participants in Crush IT On Stage come with the hope to improve their stage performance and grow their businesses. The class is delivering on this promise quickly for participants. 

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