Speaker and author, Taria Pritchett, announces the release of her book ”Born FIERCE”

Book teaches How to unleash the confident woman within and live a better and happier life

The feeling of being not worthy and the sense of rejection can be a terrible thing, especially for a woman. Every woman has great potentials and talent within, but they need a push to help them discover it. Taria Pritchett, coach, speaker, and author announces the release of her new book, “Born FIERCE: How to Unleash the Confident Woman Within.” The book teaches women about confidence and self-worthiness. The book is a step-by-step guide that empowers women to set standards and define their own destiny, let go of baggage and forgive the past, fall in love with their self and unleash the confident woman within. Get a copy on Amazon.com at a discounted price.

“After experiencing a hard break up, I knew I had to get myself together,” Pritchett says. “I knew there was more for me, but I was stuck with how to truly own who I was and free myself to be the woman I felt I was called to be. It was this experience that served as a catalyst for me to undergo the most profoundly moving transformation in my life which I document step-by-step for other women to do in my book,” said Taria Pritchett.

Taria’s book is important, because it addresses some of the most emotionally and mentally undignified issues women are facing today, in their daily lives. It offers advice and tips that are practical and has been the hallmark of her emergence from her former state of vulnerability. She wants to help women understand that confidence comes from within and not from the media, money, material things or men. The book also teaches women to honor God’s call, let go of the past and negativity and focus on the future and irrepressible benefit of self-love.

About Tara Pritchett
Taria Pritchett is a coach, speaker, author and the leader of the Unleash Your Fierce Movement. She offers advice, guide, and tips via her website to help women rediscover themselves and be the person that are born to be. For more information, please contact 302-482-8506, taria@unleashyourfierce.com or visit www.unleashyourfierce.com.

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