Advocates for Henry McCollum and Leon Brown Now Must Advocate for Themselves

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 3 May, 2017 – After 31 years in prison and a stint on death row for crimes they did not commit, Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were released from prison in September, 2014 thanks to DNA evidence proving their innocence. After their official release in September, 2014, Henry McCollum and Leon Brown were release in “limbo” due to lack of resources, support and access to full freedoms until Deborah Pointer and Kimberly Weekes became their advocates. Now Deborah Pointer and Kimberly Weekes must advocate for themselves since the lawyers for Henry and Leon Brown, Patrick Megaro and Scott Brettschneider refuse to adhere to their contract and make further payments to the advocates.

Pointer and Weekes did all the social justice work for the brothers to get their pardon using their own monies and spending hundreds of hours making the pardon successful. They developed a web page; hired a public relations team to write press releases; developed a Facebook page; paid for a web designer to create a webpage; paid for petition on; organized a rally as well as developed and organized a phone and Twitter campaign using volunteers and themselves while consulting with McCollum and Brown’s lawyers about the case. The emails provided by Pointer and Weekes demonstrate that the lawyers were fully complicit with the work that Pointer and Weekes were doing as well as the contract Pointer and Weekes made with the brothers and their guardian.

This is incorrigible said Deborah Pointer. “I don’t understand how these lawyers could be so unethical and unprofessional. They would not have had the case if it was not for Kimberly Weekes and I know that the Pointer and Weekes social justice campaign helped to expedite the North Carolina Govenor’s pardon so that they could be paid.”

“What’s done in the dark always comes to light. The brothers were in dire straits when we were asked to come aboard and help them by family members who said that the Rose Law Firm was not helping them enough and should be replaced. They were sleeping on the floor and could not pay their utility bills. We helped with the attorneys to get a bridge loan making sure that their rent we paid on a house for over a year and furniture and clothing ere bought. Pointer and Weeks made sure that they received a monthly stipend for food and monies were not wasted. We really care for the brother’s well fare, said Weekes.”

Both Pointer and Weekes believe that the lawyers wanted them out of the picture to control the monies received by the brothers. Since the release of the payment Brown has become a ward of the state and McCollum has purchased various cars and motor cycles for numerous family members while no one has advised him to purchase a home for himself to live. McCollum is currently renting a place to live. “Clearly, McCollum is incapable of taking care of his finances, said Pointer. We were even asked by the attorneys to help find a guardian for the brothers and suggested to the lawyers a family member who is a highly respected professional and in good standing.”

Pointer and Weekes only want the best for the brothers and said that they would never recommend the firm of Patrick Megaro and Scott Brettschneider to any other clients again. “Right now our focus is on getting paid. We want the brothers and their lawyers to do the right thing and pay us what we are owed, nothing else. ”

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