High & Mighty Enterprises addresses safely storing food/medication

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – 3 May, 2017 – High & Mighty Enterprises™ addresses the growing concern of safely storing medicated foods with the introduction of the Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™.

The creators of the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser™ have heed the call and solved the massive dilemma of securing allergenic foods and medications in a small, air tight, food safe container.  

“The driving force behind the creation of the Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™ is the national crisis of safely storing food/medication while keeping it fresh”, says JP, the CEO of High & Mighty Enterprises.   “We’ve heard so many stories from across the nation of people needing  a way to assure the safety of their loved ones while keeping  their food and medication secure and fresh.”

The Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™ is a stainless steel, food grade storage container with unique reusable vacuum seal technology. The vacuum vault seal technology locks in odors and seals in freshness for up to 15 days while keeping children and pets out.  This amazing technology creates a vacuum seal that prohibits air from entering thus allowing food and herbs to stay fresh for weeks.

It’s effortless yet sleek design is a one of a kind asset to any kitchen. Whether it is edibles that contain nuts, dairy, eggs or medication, food will be kept fresh while keeping your family safe. The Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™ is ergonomically designed, simple to use yet strong enough to keep children and pets away.

The Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™ is small enough to fit in any refrigerator, cabinet, countertop or even in a travel bag for on the go. It is the BPA free, food grade, child resistant, storage solution essential for every home.

CEO, JP, states, “We are so excited to offer a responsible alternative to all of the non-secure, wasteful land fill products. A one-time investment pays for itself with years of use making this highly cost effective but most importantly provides peace of mind.”

The Mighty Safe Vacuum Vault™ is already flying off the shelves and into homes.

For more information or to order yours today visit: www.theherbalinfuser.com

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