Decinema: Create High-Quality Videos With This Value Packed Collection In Just 3 Simple Steps

In this era of video, it is an incredibly compelling way to engage and sell online. It is a fact that Videos increase sales, double profit, and many people are fond of it. That comes the birth of Decinema cinematic-visual video template.

According to many experts, the year 2017 will be the year of the video.75% of executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos at least once a week and 65% visit the marketer’s website after watching. 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next 12 months. That are some proof showed the significance of video in marketing and engaging with customers.

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Nevertheless, Making Creative Videos Is Not Easy. Firstly, Creation A Video Is Expensive. Video editors will charge 100$/hour or more for their time. Content creation is also an especially challenging, typically requiring several hours of work. Moreover, that still doesn’t include the time of putting the video together!

Second, Video Creation is Really Complicated. Compelling Videos also need to feature professional and powerful scripts, high-quality graphics, and an eye-catching format, not to mention the time taking when using an expensive video editor like Adobe Premiere or Adobe after effect.

Realizing the struggling of a marketer, Agus Sakti has created Decinema to tackle the issues.

Decinema is a cinematic visual Video template. Creating studio-quality now has never been easier with Decinema. People can start creating videos with a personal touch without the need for advanced video editor, Plugin, Extra software to do it. People can do everything easily in this powerpoint-based templates in less than 10 minutes.

Below are five primary Decinema’s Graphical Modules:

  • Module I: 8 Parallax & Cinematic Templates
  • Module II: 61 Comic Bubbles Storyboard
  • Module III: 75 Funny Emoticons Storyboard
  • Module IV: 15 Infographics Storyboard
  • Module V: 18 Mockups Storyboard

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With Decinema cinematic-visual video template, people can Create High-Quality Videos With These Value Packed Collection In Just 3 Simple Steps. Step 1 begins with Choosing the Template from a huge range of spectacular video templates.In Step 2, users can Edit Timing or Animation of any element to personal option or project needs. Finally, just Export to full high definition Video Once finished editing everything.

Here are some of the Decinema’s powerful features:

  • Newbie-friendly: with this help, today you can be rocking your way to video expert!
  • No additional software or plugin required, everything has been covered using just powerpoint
  • No cinematic, tech skills and design required.
  • Step by step tutorials are designed and unique in order to help you have all the technique for engaging and creative videos.
  • Lifetime accessing and full support as required, you can hit hurdles, this is here to help you whenever you need while you are following this training.

Panji Priambudi, a Presentation Consultant and a past user of  Decinema stated after the testing time with this video template: FANTASTIC! I check all the template in Decinema from Agus Sakti and it is Creatively Stunning.  The Templates are easily edited and have a professional look. Thank you for awesome Work Mate. Highly Recommended!

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