Battling It Out In New Orleans – Sustainabody Takes on PITCH at Collision

BATON ROUGE, LA – 3 May, 2017 – Sustainabody, Inc., developers of the personalized diet and nutrition tracking app Sustainabody, today announced their participation in PITCH, the on-stage battle at Collision 2017. Following their successful product launch, the Sustainabody team will present in May at two exclusive tech conferences – Collision and The Next Web Conference. Collision, America’s fastest growing tech conference, will take place May 2-4 in New Orleans, with the on-stage PITCH battle beginning on May 2.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sustainabody will be exhibiting as 1 of 50 select Bootstrap Startups at The Next Web Conference. This two-day technology festival showcases the most promising ventures from around the globe to leading investors, executives, and over 15,000 attendees.

Asked about the upcoming events, founder and CEO Marcus Vlahovic expressed confidence in Sustainabody’s prospects: “We’re disrupting the nutritional industry. Sustainabody simplifies nutrition by revealing what’s in your food and by giving food suggestions based on what your body needs – you tap on a suggestion in our app and you’ll have an idea of what to eat next. With Sustainabody, your diet is on autopilot.”

Sustainabody: Healthy Eating Made Easy

Sustainabody is a smart diet app that goes beyond calories – users key in their foods and instantly see what vitamins and minerals they just ate. Healthy eating is a breeze with Sustainabody! Your nutrient intake is shown in one simple, easy to understand figure called a “health level”. When a users’ health level is low, they receive food suggestions based on what their body needs most.

While other nutrition apps focus on calories, carbs, and fat, Sustainabody focuses on micronutrients – like Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, and other important vitamins and minerals. Sustainabody does track calories and macronutrients but puts emphasis on tracking the vitamins and minerals from your food. Sustainabody is making your diet nutritionally transparent and allows you to eat healthily in a whole new way.

Combined with dynamic food suggestions based on what your body needs, Sustainabody can make any diet sustainable, no matter your taste or preference. Available free on iPhone, coming soon to Android.

Personalized Nutrition a Key Trend

Personalized nutrition, enhanced through technology, is a key 2017 trend—according to Innova Market Insights, a leading global food and beverage market research firm. Innova’s “Top Ten Trends” report characterizes “Body in Tune” as a whole-body nutrition management approach. Fresh thinking will be needed to deliver comprehensive, convenient, and timely tools that satisfy this growing demand.

Founder Marcus Vlahovic recognized a critical problem with most dieting strategies: “By reducing your calories, you also reduce your micronutrients. That can potentially put your health at risk. Sustainabody solves this by allowing you to track your vitamins, minerals, and calories – our app is the key to sustainable weight loss. Because of our platform’s scientific backing, we’ve received recommendations from a variety of health professionals including a Harvard MD.”

The Sustainabody app re-imagines diet and nutrition tracking, allowing users to effortlessly manage a full spectrum of macro- and micro-nutrients. Sustainabody provides access to a constantly updated database of over 200,000 food items. Unlike most dieting apps, Sustainabody fits flexibly to any diet—whether you have a food allergy, gluten intolerance, or are on a low- FODMAP diet for IBS. With the food log, users can track their nutrient intake over time and receive suggestions to improve any nutrient deficiencies. The latest version of Sustainabody has a recipe creation feature to show you the vitamins and minerals in a single serving of any custom recipe.

Taking the Global Stage

Innovative solutions have led Sustainabody to the global stage—strong early recognition from the TNW Conference and Collision 2017 promises to be just the beginning. Says founder Marcus Vlahovic, “Accessibility has been the missing key to healthy eating. No longer do you have to pay for a diet plan or follow a fad that excludes the nutritional needs of your body – Sustainabody has made nutrition transparent and easy.”



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