American Material Supply brings out a full line of Neoprene Rubber Rolls

SHIPPENSBURG, PA – 3 May, 2017 – American Material Supply brings to the market a complete line of Neoprene Rubber Rolls. Neoprene Rubber Rolls have been in great demand for years.  This material is used in many applications from domestic to oil rigs.  American Material Supply has decided to put the entire line of Neoprene Rubber Rolls on its website this month.  “By showing our complete list of Neoprene Rolls, we hope to win more industrial markets”, says Kathryn Staggs, CEO.

“The mining industry is continually using neoprene materials for runners on their narrow paths. The pharmaceutical, manufacturing and gasket makers are also on th rise due to greater expansion and economic development”, she claims. 

The standard of the industry is to offer fewer “durometers” of neoprene rubber; Durometer defines the hardness of rubber materials.  American Material Supply is now offering 40 durometer, 50 durometer, and 60 durometer Neoprene Rubber Rolls to go beyond industry standard.  The push for diversity in material has not gone unnoticed by thi veteran owned company and is ready to go to market.

In addition to neoprene, American Material Supply is supplying general purpose rubber strips for the many purposes including commercial, residential and manufacturing.  The general purpose rubber strips are manufactured to endure mild chemicals and detergents.

American Material Supply manufactures and distributes rubber sheets, rubber strips and rubber rolls to customers including individual consumers, oil and gas, construction, building contractors to high tech military buyers. American Material Supply is in south central Pennsylvania with logistical locations throughout the U.S.

Call them at 717.254.0967 or visit their website at

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