Collins Enterprise Group & Mexico Truscend Corp., Ltd Held The 1st Collaborative Convention Of Financial Investment

Collins Enterprise Group, headquartered in England, is a multinational Investment Enterprise specialized in financial investment and providing its global customers with coordinated service in regarding field.

London – 3 May, 2017 – Collins Enterprise & Mexico Truscend Corp., Ltd. successfully held the first collaborative convention on Friday, both companies voiced their willingness to participate in the cooperation of financial investment and signed an agreement on the spot.

Timothy Green, president of the Mexico Truscend Corp., Ltd is giving a speech in Spanish.

Timothy Green, president of the Mexico Truscend Limited Corporation, said in Spanish “Entramos en contacto con los interses de ambas empresas, nosotros vemos por una mejor tendencia de desarrollo que seguramente compartiremos un arreglo de pérdidas y beneficios.” ( “We entered into this contract in the interest of both companies, both of us are looking forward to a better development trend and will surely share a fixed proportion of profits and losses.” )

Michael, CEO of Collins Enterprise Group and Operations Chief of International Investment, attended the conference on behalf of the organizer and had in-depth exchange with the guests present here as well as delivered keynote speech.
Michael gave a clear explanation of significance of investing and financing, he said “ Many small or micro companies are now facing a development crisis, it’s because that many entrepreneurs couldn’t find a way to avoid the crisis that eventually the crisis causes those companies to close.”

Michael pointed out, that factors hindering the development of micro-enterprises are numerous, for instance, the confusion of management and administration increases the regarding costs and lead to a lower profit margin, it’s tough for a company to stay in business under the situation. These problems can be attributed to the problem of insufficient company capital. Economy constrains the development, this is pretty obvious both at the countries and the enterprises. So if there is a system to support the development of those micro-enterprises on the one hand, and to meet those small investors to make investment on the other hand?

Michael, the man in the middle is the CEO of Collins Enterprise Group is giving the keynote speech.

After a profound marketing research, and gathered and analyzed all the given information. Collins Enterprise Group innovates the traditional financial model on the internet, and has became a professional internet financial platform which is famous for its specializing in micro-financing and marketing quota.

At the meanwhile, in order to set up a complete system for controlling risks, Collins Enterprise Group has a program’s field research for each financing project. The asset should be expanded to the places where the standard system lies, Collins Enterprise Group will facilitate the digital currency based on standard system both in Mexico and in U.K., and is discussing the object of asset;

Guests is discussing pleasantly and smoothly.

After the brief roadshow, the guest had a positive response and actively asked questions.

Alex Gonez, master of internet security and transaction platform operator for Blockchain, is the first person to raise a question. Despite approaching 50 years old, he registered two Wechat accounts and shared a hobby with his mother, liking to eat China’s chicken neck. Alex was concerned with the source-expanding strategy; Michael replied the expanding source is of significance, and fundamental value of Collins Enterprise Group is to realize the mutual trust between strangers, more token money on the Investment chain, so there’s more need to expand the source; However, digital currency based on standard system is a center-dispersed mechanism. On the one hand, standard system itself is the source of information; On the other hand, the core of the system demands expanding source anxiously.

Michael, CEO of Collins Enterprise Group is answering guest’s question.

As the warm and impressive Q&A session ended, there came a time for signing a contact. Michael, CEO of Collins Enterprise Group singed the cooperation agreement with Timothy Green, president of Mexico Truscend Limited Corporation. The move marks the dynamic global development of Collins Enterprise Group.

The conference didn’t come to a halt till dinning time , Timothy Green totally agreed with Collins Enterprise Group’s overall business pattern and was willing to provide property asset worth more than $20 to explore the token money running model together with Collins. We are convinced that this cooperation attach to great importance.

The whole activity was full of harmonious atmosphere like a family and ended up in a reluctant mood. As the host and the guests left, many cooperation began to implemented rapidly.

After the conference ends, the staffs was celebrating.

Collins Enterprise Group has taken the first step towards internationalization.

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