An Inspiring New Book Has Arrived On Amazon To Boost Self-Confidence To The New Heights

“A Masterpiece From The Pen Of An American Author, Influencer & Teacher, Mel Sillmon”

May 3, 2017 – An inspiring new book titled ‘Improving Your Self Confidence: Words of Encouragement’ has been published on Amazon by an American Author, Mel Sillmon. Available in Kindle and paperback editions, the book is now available in stock on Amazon and is receiving a welcoming feedback from the readers. It comprises of 24 pages and has been independently published for a wide-scale audience in the category of self-help and communications.

This is my effort based on my lifetime of experience, and it is all about improving self-confidence through words of encouragement and vibrant visuals.” Said Mel Sillmon, the author, and illustrator of this fantastic new book. “It is a new and different approach, and I firmly believe that it will promote positivity and self-confidence to the whole new levels.” He added. According to Mel, words of encouragement are the ’golden words’ that trigger imagery and positive emotions that contribute to a person positive self-confidence and esteem.

Most motivational books are loaded with text, and many demotivated individuals who need such books the most quickly get bored and their interest levels are reduced immediately after the first few pages. However, this particular book by Mel is loaded with dynamic pictures and visuals that encourage active dialogue and classroom as well as personal discussions among teenagers. The book is recommended for the people of all age groups, and its focused approach makes it more efficient.

The book overall promotes positivity and positive thoughts that can lead to a greater confidence in an individual. Moreover, it focuses on the habits that are developed at an early age, which later contributes to shaping up a person’s life. It promotes self-confidence and productivity in an individual to help him or her lead a better life and a prosperous future. Also, it also supports strong will power and courage, and the author has put everything in a focused way that is the literary equivalent of hitting the bull’s eye.

About the Author

Mel Sillmon is an American author and influencer from Plymouth, Michigan. He did his MBA from the University of Dayton. He is a retired Supply Chain Manager Executive at Ford Motor Company. Moreover, he has taught Personnel Development, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management at the Detroit College of Business and the University of Michigan respectively.

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