crowd funding campaign, required for the development of a new approach to online music lessons for visually impaired persons.

3 May, 2017 – 3lmusic.com proudly announces a crowd funding campaign, to raise funds required for the development of a new approach to online music lessons for visually impaired persons.

3lmusic.com already provides online lessons in tin whistle, flute. Following a chance encounter on a bus in Ireland last summer. Brian Magill of 3lmusic, wondered if it would be possible to make their courses accessible to visually impaired persons.

“I was on a short bus journey last summer in Dublin, and sat next to a young lady with her sunglasses on.  We began to talk, and it turned out that she was a tourist from the UK, visiting relatives with a friend for a few days. During the conversation, she asked where I worked –  I answered by telling her I run a website which teaches people to play musical instruments online, and I jokingly said she should take one of our online courses. She answered by saying that she would love to but couldn’t as she was blind and had never learned to read Music Braille.” – Brian Magill

The bus encounter encouraged Brian to investigate the possibility of providing a course suitable for any visually impaired person with no previous musical knowledge.

2cMusic’ will be the name of this project, which reflects the specific nature of the project aim and audience.  

Based on popularity, they intend to initially design a twenty lesson beginner’s course for guitar. These lessons will contain much more descriptive customized audio and larger text and images, along with Braille cards containing Braille images where required.

These will require quite a lot of time to prepare, but when used along with the more descriptive audio & video, will give a visually impaired student the same chance to learn to play as other sighted students. These booklets will be posted to a student when they join a course.  

Further courses will be developed for other instruments following this initial beginner guitar course.

Production time for a full course is estimated to take between ten to twelve weeks. 3lmusic realize that this is a big undertaking on their part, but with help, they are determined to put in the work to complete the project. With each lesson costing an average of $600 to prepare, they need to raise $12000 in total to produce a full twenty lesson course. Any extra money raised will go to providing other follow-on courses.

So, in order to raise funds to develop the support materials necessary to make this possible, 3lmusic are launching a crowd-funding campaign for their 2cMusic project.

They are seeking contributions to this worthy campaign by asking supporters to visit this campaign funding page https://igg.me/at/2cMusic and choosing from a list of perks.

Sharing this campaign link on social media or by emailing to friends would be highly appreciated.

Kindly visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/2cmusic.com

Media Contact
Company Name: 3lmusic.com
Contact Person: Sean and Brain
Email: 2cMusic@mail.com
Phone: Sean 00353(87)7474480, Brian 00353(87)6343312
Country: Ireland
Website: http://3lmusic.com