Colordragon International Inc is Searching for Worldwide Distributors for Their High Quality Tattoo Needle Cartridges

The tattoo equipment suppliers from around the world can become the distributor of QUMA tattoo needle cartridges in their local market and can earn huge profits.

Colordragon International Inc supplies a wide variety of tattoo needles and cartridges for tattoo studios and tattoo artists worldwide. The cartridges can be used on a wide range of needles and they supply high quality ink colors to be applied beneath the skin surface of humans.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have an extensive variety of needle cartridges that can be used with different models of tattoo needles. This is the reason why a distributor can easily sell these cartridges in their local area. More importantly, the craze of tattoos is growing day by day, and tattoo studios have demand for new cartridges on a daily basis. These cartridges have free flowing ink and each drop of the ink can be used in making tattoos. The ink does not stick to the tube surface and it improves the applicability of the tattoo ink cartridge.

Colordragon International Inc is Searching for Worldwide Distributors for Their High Quality Tattoo Needle Cartridges

One can also request for samples to learn more about the quality of the tattoo needle cartridges that Colordragon International Inc supplies. A tattoo artist can try the needle cartridge and can evaluate the quality. The cartridge is fully adjustable, giving a desired level of freedom to the artist to design impressive tattoos effectively.

Colordragon International Inc supplies different types of cartridges, such as round liner cartridges, round cartridges, magnum shader cartridges, and so on. They have the HOLLOW Round Liner tattoo needles available in different lengths and diameters to design bold and prominent tattoos. The round linear needles offer a significant ink flow for creating stronger and bolder designs. With higher ink transportation ability in comparison to normal needles, these round linear needles are much popular for creating various tattoo designs.

One can learn more about different types of tattoo needles and cartridges by visiting the website:

About Colordragon International Inc.

Colordragon International Inc has more than 15 years of professional tattoo needles production experience. They make the handmade tattoo needles that meet the industrial standards.  They maintain the needles consistency and supply professional grade needles and cartridges that meet the international safety standards. They supply different varieties of tattoo needles and one can choose from various models of QUMA tattoo needles with different configurations. 

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