Mustafa Abdi – Owner of TAB Media Group

In today’s jet era, it is extremely important for a brand to leave a digital footprint, and it will be only done fruitfully by implementing the tools of digital marketing and creating a niche among the existing competitors. Mustafa Abdi and Mohammad Abdi with their experience and expertise are making the things happen for the clients. Their structured ideas and concepts of the digital platform have provided the clients the successful ways to achieve potential business and buyers on the internet.

Mustafa Abdi is long time Las Vegas native that has made his return to Las Vegas, but this time he has formed TAB Media Group. A marketing company co – founded with Partner, Mohammad Abdi. Together the two have emerged as a new digital and traditional marketing company in Las Vegas.

As an inhabitant of Las Vegas, he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in marketing. During that time he was a food runner at the Light Group. He juggled between school, work, and an internship. After that, he quickly moved up to become a marketing executive with the Light Group. His journey started with restaurants such as Stack Steakhouse and Diablo’s Cantina. From there he would leave to become the Director of Marketing for nightclubs such as Jet Nightclub at the Mirage, Haze Nightclub at Aria, and Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay.

In the year 2014, he was given the opportunity to expand his network by traveling overseas to the country Cyprus. He worked for the top ranking Cratos Premium Casino of the Middle East as the Executive Director of International Marketing. He generated revenue of over three millions dollars for the company in just a quick span of six months. Later on, he traveled to various countries like Dubai, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Greecefor the promotional venture.

In the year 2015, he came back to his roots, the United States of America. He worked in San Francisco with esteemed organizations like Temple Nightclub, Mirus Galley, and Eco- Systm all found at the Zen Compound. Taking systems and procedures from Las Vegas and applying them into the San Francisco market, the Zen Compound found record-breaking years with Mustafa leading the way in VIP Marketing for the company. 

Media Contact
Company Name: TAB Media Group
Contact Person: Mustafa Abdi
Phone: 702-328-4696
Country: United States