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Denver, Colorado, United States – 4 May, 2017 – Have you ever wondered whether there was a way you can get help for whatever you want to do from experienced professionals and affordable price just at the tip of your finger? The answer is yes! FLIZIT has designed one of the best tools that allow users to demand for whatever service you desire anytime, anywhere.

With FLIZIT, users can request for local service professionals at the tap of a button anytime on any day at any place. Just request and track your professional’s arrival on the map. No more scheduling or wasting time.

FLIZIT offers the best varieties of ‘on demand’ services such as: on demand labor, on demand barber( on demand hair cut), on demand car detailing, on demand miscellaneous services, on demand yard work, on demand tutor, on demand delivery( food delivery, grocery delivery, material delivery, product delivery, tool delivery), on demand electrician, on demand handyman, on demand plumbing, on demand moving van, on demand heat and air conditioning, on demand maid services(cleaner), on demand painting, on demand driver/ride. Get any type of help you want.

Tap the FLIZIT app and have a service professional heading to your location on demand. You can request almost any service on demand using the FLIZIT app.

Just set location and select a service, give details and request service, track your service professional in real time, then when the work is done you rate your professional serviceman.

To download the FLIZIT app please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flizit.app

Or app store iphone at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flizit/id1228155244?Is=1&mt=8

Or visit our webpage at https://flizit.com

About us

FLIZIT is an ‘on demand’ service provider establishment located in Denver Colorado, which offers its customers the best of whatever on demand service they desire anytime on any day and at any place.

Just with the tap of a button on the FLIZIT app you can request a local professional heading your way to solve your problem.

A wide range of on demand services are available including: on demand painter, driver, electrician, handyman, plumber, barber, labor man, delivery, miscellaneous and many more.

No more scheduling and wasting of valuable time.

Download the FLIZIT app and request for services you need today

To learn more about us please visit https://flizit.com/#/

Media Contact
Company Name: FLIZIT LLC
Contact Person: Founder and CEO: Matt Roberson
Email: support@flizit.com
Phone: (720)335-8230
City: Denver
State: Colorado 80205
Country: United States
Website: https://www.flizit.com/