MS Group merges with KPI Capital Pty Ltd

As the company expands the concept of innovation, qualified service, and free financial trading

WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA – Daniel Anderson, the Chief Operating Officer of MS Group is proud to announce the merging of their company with KPI for the purpose of expanding their services to the general public. The idea of this new development is to expand the concept of innovation, qualified service, and free financial trading to all corners of the world.

Our success is made measured by how well we meet our client’s needs and their success drives every decision that we make. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors and gives you the best chance of success in the forex market” – Management. 

In a bid to maintain good relationship with the new company, KPI Capital Pty Ltd, MS group will be changing some of their top managers as the company, KPI is a big asset management in Australia. This is going to expand their services. Here is what Daniel Anderson said: “Most of top managers are from KPI, KPI is a big asset management company in Australia, in this time merge, we have big clients’ data and we can provide more financial products except forex in the future. Now we have more power to serve more people.”

As part of the merging, MS group will change their name from “Fortune Securities PTY LTD” to “M6 Securities PTY LTD”. They will also establish a customer service center for clients to visit. Their new license can serve Institutional clients, who will make 300 thousand USD and 500 thousand USD plan with a ZERO withdraw charge.

About MS Group

MS Group is a forex trading company that helps people with all the tools needed to be successful and profitable traders. MS Group will customize the products and services to meet requirements of every client and broker. MS provides you a complete series of forex services. “Our aim is to give you all the tools you need to be a successful, profitable trader…that’s why we are always working hard to give you unbeatable pricing and execution, as well as excellent leverage opportunities, tight spreads, and zero price manipulation.” – Management

MS offers bitcoin derivatives trading in the form of CFD trading. All of the MS’s products offer ways to trade bitcoin with enhanced security and flexibility. They also operate different ways and appeal to different traders. MS Group Management, as part of their reasons for the merge, made a statement in this regard: “In the next few month, we will provide litecoin and ethercoin in our trading platform (right now we have bitcoin), customers will have change to earn more money.”

Contact Information

For more information about MS Group, contact them through any of the following contact details:

Contact address: Level 1, 681 Murray Street West Perth, wa 6005. Australia.

Phone: +61 8 6225 2020

In order to improve the services of MS Group, the company will be providing 8 to 10 service centers in global world including: Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Paris, London and so on in the next one to two years.

Media Contact
Company Name: M6 Security Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Daniel Anderson
Phone: +61 8 6225 2020
Address:Level 1, 681 Murray Street
City: West Perth
State: WA 6005
Country: Australia