Top Toronto Disability Firm Wins Long Term Disability Benefits for Client

TORONTO, ON – 5/4/2017 — Toronto’s leading disability law firm, Share Lawyers, is thrilled to announce a win for their client, Nadira, who was denied her long-term disability benefits.
After giving birth to her third child, Toronto-based mom Nadira was diagnosed with Melanoma. 
“I first noticed a tiny freckle on my tummy during the fourth month of my pregnancy. It grew as my tummy grew,” said Nadira. “After I consulted with my specialist, I was told it was normal for my skin to stretch and had nothing to worry about.”
While recovering with her new baby, Nadira noticed the freckle hadn’t reduced and consulted her doctor. It was then she was diagnosed with Melanoma. She only had 3 months left in her maternity leave but her employer allowed her to take more time off. When the insurance company denied her claim, it  was a roadblock to both her recovery and resuming her career at the restaurant.
Nadira felt defeated. “I couldn’t believe it. I even went back to my doctor and got a detailed report and they still denied it! Their reasoning didn’t even make sense,” she said.
The insurance company accused her of wanting to stay home and spend time with her baby and that she should have done something about the freckle in question sooner. Nadira had almost given and accepted the insurance company’s decision when she decided to pursue legal action and contacted Share Lawyers.
“I’m so relieved,” she said. “They were honest and mentioned it would take some time but they fought really hard and helped me get what I deserved.”
A settlement was reached, which will help Nadira going forward as she seeks her treatment for the Melanoma.
“The team is pleased to have been able to help Nadira and her family,” said Share Lawyers President David Share. “Falling ill after childbirth is challenging, and we’re glad we can support her and get her on her way to recovery.”

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