Folk Artist Tanya Pluth Explores and Celebrates Themes of Masculinity in Her New Album “All the Men I Love”

For folk singer Tanya Pluth, music is the ideal medium to start a conversation about masculinity.  For more than five years, she has been ruminating on how masculinity has influenced her life, her art and the cultural landscape. During that time, she has collected songs that further that conversation and has included her personal renditions on her new album “All the Men I Love.”

“All the Men I Love” is the follow up to her powerful first album “Saving Graces” that explored themes of family, inheritance and social position. “All the Men I Love” continues this deeply personal journey using Tanya’s soulful voice and buoyant personality to highlight the themes of masculinity that have most deeply impacted her life.  Using the works of George Michael, Cat Stevens, Poison, Stevie Wonder and others to tell her story, Tanya Pluth’s new album is a compendium of heartfelt covers that will make any folk music lover’s collection deeper and more compelling.

Tanya has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finance “All the Men I Love.”  The $6,000 raised will be used for mixing, mastering, accompanying musicians, CD design, production and promotion. In return for your generous support, you may get perks including signed CDs, personal “Thank You” note, original greeting cards, hand-selected crystals, Official Album Listening Party, “All the Men I Love” grab bag, Exclusive single-run T-shirt, songwriting coaching session, monthly postcard club membership, or an acoustic recording of any song.  

To learn more about “All the Men I Love” or to make a pledge, please visit

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